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Jennifer Hogan and I are honored to be a part of a new and exciting leadership mentorship program, the School Admin Virtual Mentor Program. #SAVMP This program has been founded by one of our Twitter mentors, George Couros. I have added this page to my Engaged Learning Initiative blog as a way to connect with my mentees. Most of the posts on this page will relate to educational leadership. If you want to learn more about the #SAVMP, click the link below:

Why I Lead...
I have been thinking about the question "Why I lead?" for over a week. It is very hard for me to put into words the answer to this question. I am passionate about leadership, and I understand that the responsibility that goes along with being a leader in an educational setting is monumental. So why would I choose to lead when it would be much easier to follow?
I have written down many ideas over the past few days and most of them were closely related to following statement: I lead because it provides me the opportunity to serve. As a leader, I am blessed to have the opportunity everyday to serve others. I have the opportunity to serve not only the staff of my school, but to serve and meet the needs of thousands of students and parents. I have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others through my willingness to help them, no matter what the problem might be. I have the opportunity to change lives and even save lives at times. I have the opportunity to make a difference everyday when I get out of bed. Everyday!
Would my life be less complicated if I chose to follow- sure. But would it be worth it- NO WAY!
I feel blessed that I have given the opportunity to lead, but as we know- To those who have been given much- MUCH is expected. Everyday is a new day. Who can I serve today?

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