Monday, April 7, 2014

From the iPad of Nikki Robertson...

In preparation for the April 15th Google 101 Session 4: Doctopus & Goobric PD please be sure to do the following BEFORE Friday, April 11th.

Locate the Session 4 Google Form in your Google Drive that we created during the Google 101 Session 2 PD.

Copy the link to the Session 4 Google Form you created during the Google 101 Session 2 PD and have the students in ONE of your classes complete the form.

Think of an assignment you have coming up the week of April 14th - April 25th that you would normally create in Microsoft Word and upload to Edmodo.  Either create this assignment in your Google Drive OR upload an already created word document into your Google Drive.

When you arrive to the Google 101 Session 4 on April 14th we will jump right in using the information your students entered on the Session 4 Google Form and your upcoming assignment to demonstrate Doctopus and Goobric.

If you need any assistance in completing steps 1 through 3 please let me know early rather than later.

For a preview of what can be done using Doctopus & Goobric check out Ms. Virginia Young’s class using it here:

Hopefully I won't look like this on April 15th! LOL!


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