Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Team Cahaba National
Finalists Again!!

2014 High School National Finalists (Caroline Amerson & Massie Cho with mentor Janet Ort &assistance from HHS AP/IB Students and Lexus EcoChallenge winners Tyler Reynolds, Hunter Striklin, and Johnathon Harvey)

Congratulations to the high school National Finalists of the 2014 Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge!


  • Team Name Team Cahaba 13-14
  • Location Hoover, Alabama
  • School Hoover High School
  • Teacher/Mentor Janet Ort
  • Description Inspired by our school habitat, E.O. Wilson, and a the new film “America's Amazon” that showcases Alabama’s biodiversity, Team Cahaba decided to champion our state. Our projects educate and showcase the wonderful biodiversity in Alabama through outreach to our local schools and connections to other state wide organizations! Through four outreach projects, Team Cahaba is educating the community about the threats to biodiversity such as invasive species and improper land management while creating enthusiasm and awareness across the local, state, and regional area.
From the iPad of Kristy....
I learned about a cool app this weekend that I thought I’d share.  It’s called BaiBoard and it’s basically a collaborative whiteboard.  Once you start a board anyone in your class can get on it, which means you can all be adding to it at the same time.  I haven’t had much time to play with it, but I envisioned one scenario where it might be helpful: groups of students working on a mind map (or something similar) can be adding to it from their own ipads but with one final group product.  Teacher can display pages from individual groups on the screen for discussion, questions, etc. 
Let me know if you have any questions or cool ideas to share! J


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

From the iPad of Sara Taylor..

Here is an awesome HHSiBucs Tech Reflection. Check it out!

Great Video using Pow Toon:

From the iPad of Teddie Butcher...

Check out how Ms. Butcher's class is using the Homestyler app for Interior Design!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

From the iPad of Nikki Robertson...
We have had some great speakers at our school recently. 

Mr. Coltrane’s father came and spoke about his experience during the Vietnam War:

Ms. Cantley had an author visit her classes and talk about her great uncle’s survival aboard the Titanic.  She was a riveting storyteller.  If you missed it you can watch and share with your classes here:

Below is an email from the Titanic author’s publisher with the names of other authors who can visit our school.

Thank you for being awesome!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hoover High School was thrilled to participate in a Google Live Event hosted by Xavier High School in Iowa. Teachers from around our building. They not only were watching the Google Live presentation, they were also Tweeting in to participate in the discussion using the hash tag #XavierLive. Great day of collaboration! The photo below is from Coach Trent Hosmer's history class.
We are so pleased to welcome Cesare Frustaci, a Holocaust survivor, to Xavier High School on April 10 from 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. (CDT).  Cesare will share his story with our U.S. History classes in our school’s theatre.  We will stream the presentation (approximately 45 minutes) and Question/Answer period (approximately 45 minutes) and make the feed available to all of you. 

To submit a question, we ask that students pose the question to their teacher and that the teacher submit the question on Twitter, identifying their school/state and using the hashtag #XavierLive.  We will give a shout out to your school as the question is asked.

 Here is the press release for this event (which includes the link for the stream):

 Xavier High School will welcome Cesare Frustaci, a Holocaust survivor, on April 10, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.(CDT) Frustaci will discuss growing up in the Jewish ghetto in Budapest and surviving in a Nazi youth detention camp.

 In addition to sharing his story with Xavier students, Mr. Frustaci's presentation will be streamed as a Google Live Event to students from other schools around the globe.

 “We are blessed to have the opportunity to welcome Cesare Frustaci to Xavier High School to share his compelling story with our students and we are excited to share his presentation to students around the globe," says Tom Keating, principal at Xavier High School. "To hear a first-hand account of one’s encounter with the Holocaust will truly be a phenomenal experience for all who are fortunate enough to be part of this event.”

 The presentation itself will last approximately 45 minutes, which will be followed by a question and answer period. Viewers who are watching via the live stream will have an opportunity to field their questions on Twitter using the hashtag "#XavierLive."

 The video stream will be available at  as well as on the Xavier High School YouTube page at . The presentation will be recorded and able to be viewed following the live stream.

 For more information, contact Tom Keating, Xavier High School principal, at 319-294-6635 or at .

 About Cesare Frustaci

Born in 1936, Mr. Frustaci was the child of Margit Wolf, a Hungarian ballerina, and Pasquale Frustaci, an Italian composer. During World War II, Frustaci and his mother were forced into a Jewish ghetto in Budapest. At the age of seven, his mother was interned by the Nazis in a German concentration camp. Frustaci survived out on the streets until he was eventually captured and sent a youth detention camp. After two years of separation, they were reunited in a small village on the border with Romania. Frustaci has made it his mission to share his story with young people. An extended biography is also available at .

If you know anyone else who may be interested in taking part, please have them contact me via e-mail.  We will add them to our list!

Looking forward to an phenomenal national/global collaboration!



Tom Keating, Principal
Xavier High School
6300 42nd St. NE
Cedar Rapids, IA  52411
“Learning With A Higher Purpose”


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mr. Brad Coltrane's father speaks to IB students about the war. Watch these presentations with Google Hangout! #RewindableLearning

From the iPad of Holly Sutherland...
John Wink, a fellow educator and tweeter, wrote a blog recently challenging us to tell our school’s story. He has challenged us all to share our story on Friday, April 11th via twitter. You and your students can tweet what you love about HHS all day on Friday. Since we are using the hash tag #LoveMySchoolDay and we need to add the hash tag #HHSiBucs, all you will need to tweet is what you love about HHS. An example tweet would be:
Love Teachers at HHS! #LoveMySchoolDay #HHSiBucs

Below is a copy of the blog post that started the challenge. I think this is a great opportunity for us to tell our story and what we love about HHS! Join us on Friday and encourage your student to join as well. This would be a great activity to post on Edmodo!  Happy Tweeting J

From the iPad of Nikki Robertson...
Here is the recorded version of last night's #TLChat Café.

Monday, April 7, 2014

From the iPad of Nikki Robertson...

In preparation for the April 15th Google 101 Session 4: Doctopus & Goobric PD please be sure to do the following BEFORE Friday, April 11th.

Locate the Session 4 Google Form in your Google Drive that we created during the Google 101 Session 2 PD.

Copy the link to the Session 4 Google Form you created during the Google 101 Session 2 PD and have the students in ONE of your classes complete the form.

Think of an assignment you have coming up the week of April 14th - April 25th that you would normally create in Microsoft Word and upload to Edmodo.  Either create this assignment in your Google Drive OR upload an already created word document into your Google Drive.

When you arrive to the Google 101 Session 4 on April 14th we will jump right in using the information your students entered on the Session 4 Google Form and your upcoming assignment to demonstrate Doctopus and Goobric.

If you need any assistance in completing steps 1 through 3 please let me know early rather than later.

For a preview of what can be done using Doctopus & Goobric check out Ms. Virginia Young’s class using it here:

Hopefully I won't look like this on April 15th! LOL!


Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Prom Friday 2014! We have many students who are excited about tonight and I am sure we will see tons of pics of our beautiful and handsome students! We are still working on our SAMR videos and reflections and they look awesome! Here are examples from Susan Davis and Susan Norris. 
Susan Davis:

Susan Davis Reflection-

Here is a video from Ms. Susan Norris-

Susan Norris Reflection-

From the iPad of Lisa Smith....

Our competition caught up with us in the voting process!  We need your help!  HHS Academy of Finance has four teams in the final six for the Junior Achievement Business Plan Challenge. The top 3 scholarships are $3,000, $1,500 and $500.  Our students have won in recent years and we are hoping to win again this year!  Voting is still open today.  Please vote and allow your students just one minute to vote, too.  Please help us by going to the Junior Achievement of Greater Birmingham Facebook page and “Like” one (or you can vote for all four) of our students’ commercials.  We would also appreciate it if you would help us spread the word




Alabama Funk

Will Clifton

Dress Better

Jake Callahan

Haute Lacquer

Shaina Cadet

Room Me

Jenna Osczepinski
From the iPad of Ben Rigsby...

Check out these new HHS Advanced Digital Photo Albums. These students will amaze you!

From the iPad of Nikki Robertson...

Join me Friday, April 4, 2014 as I teach Ms.Virginia Young's 1st and 7th period classes how to use Canva, BlendSpace, and Google Drive to create and organize their Event Planning Project.

To watch, click here:

Tweets from Around HHS:




Wednesday, April 2, 2014


From the iPad of Thea Ford...

My Pre IB students are using Google doc to create a shared research paper on a Latin American independence movement.  Today was our first day and there was a lot of experimentation, learning together, etc.  The kids are excited; they are having fun playing with the technology, working together to find and determine the validity of sources, etc. I also feel like I am learning throughout the process, which I love!