Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yesterday was an awesome day of learning about Google Hangouts!
From the iPad of Nikki Robertson...
Thank you all for such a fun day of PD!  Each group had me laughing so hard especially when we used the Google Effects and we were pirates, or wearing crowns, tiaras and more!
In case you missed the PD session yesterday or just needed a refresher, here are detailed instructions about using Google Hangouts On Air to record your lessons:
Scroll down past the first part that details connecting your YouTube account. (You already did that as homework before the PD session)
I am always available to work with you one on one whenever you are ready to tackle this technology. Remember that you don't have to record every single lesson.  As Kevin Honeycutt said, "Record those 'trip over' lessons. The ones that seem to cause the kids the most trouble understanding." (
Thanks again for being AWESOME!  



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