Tuesday, March 11, 2014

From the iPad of Coach Metcalf...

So I’m trying something out for this next chapter with my Algebra I kids that I kind of stole from Jeff Johnson.  Instead of writing out problems on the board or doing them on the document camera as a whole class, I’m trying to differentiate a little bit and do mini 1 on 1 lessons using the ipad.  So, what I’m doing is making short Educreations videos of the notes/problems that we would be covering for a particular day and then at the end the students have classwork questions to work on when they finish. 

I make the students take the notes and then turn them in at the end of class, so that they are actually taking notes.  Then the video allows for them to go back and rewind or backtrack to a concept that they may have needed more practice with. While they are doing this, I am free to walk around and help kids with wherever they might be in the concept for the day.  So far it has been good and the kids like it better I think. 

But the success story…. I had a kid who was absent the first day we did this and when he came to school the next day he already had his homework.  He said, “well coach, I just watched that quick video on Edmodo and it explained how to do the homework so I just did it last night at home.” So of course, I had to stop the class for a minute and brag on that guy for being awesome.



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