Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Friday! It is National School Counselor's Week. We do not know what we could do without our counselors at HHS!

We are happy to have avoided the snow here in Hoover and to be at school today. We have many activities today including the Sadie Hawkins Dance and athletic events. We also had several teachers who have shared tech classroom activities since Wednesday and I wanted to get those posted. Have a great weekend!

From the iPad of Allen Skinner...

My students are watching 2 videos on YouTube. One is on Italian Unification the other on German Unification. They will then complete questions in a Google doc for credit. They are completing this for homework.

From the iPad of Jessica Tice...

Mrs. Tice's Emergency Services class is viewing different " brain maps" via iPad. They will use this knowledge to create their own "brain map" on Notability.

From the iPad of Madge Gregg...

Using Yahoo Finance to research possible stock purchases for the Alabama Stock Market Game.

From the iPad of Coach Elgin...

My students are using technology to be "academically successful".

From the iPad of Tim Rhodes...

From the iPad of Sara Little...

PreCal was working on Trig Identities which are quite challenging and usually involve lots of paper with lots of things crossed out or erased trying to figure them out.  Using the iPad made it easy to make corrections and changes.  They also had access on the Moodle to videos of the problems being out using Google Hangouts while I was teaching the lesson.

From the iPad of Jennifer Hogan..

Want to learn more about managing a digital classroom? Hoover High teachers can register online at using the following link to join the online classroom management PD offering.

Feb 12 – Online Classroom Management (Register here: 
From the iPad of Nikki Robertson...


My friend Andy Plemmons shared this with me and I thought it was such a great idea I had to share it with all of you as well.

 Andy is an elementary school librarian in Georgia.  He had his 2nd Grade students research people for Black History Month and write a persuasive “essay” as to why the person they researched should be on a postage stamp.
 In this activity he used three forms of technology: Smores (, FlipGrid (, and Google Forms.
 You will absolutely fall in love with these adorable 2nd graders and be impressed with what a good job they did.
 I can easily see potential for a project similar to this being done at the high school level.
Here is what Andy sent me:
Our 2nd graders would love for you to look at their Black History Project and vote for your favorite historical figure.
Tweets from around HHS!!



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