Friday, February 28, 2014

HHSiBucs Friday Tech Share
Happy Friday! Hope everyone has had a great week. We are continuing to capture tech being integrated in the classroom via short videos and then completed a reflection. Below you will see a links to videos and reflections from Paul McEwan and Melissa Moore.  



Thursday, February 27, 2014

We are moving in the direction of Virtual Classes at Hoover High School. We felt is was essential to pilot  this type of educational setting and have done so second semester with English 12. Ms. Gerndt was interested in this pilot and has done an amazing job! Below you will see a reflection of her first unit of study for this class.

We just finished our first unit of study, which is also our hardest unit of study, and things went pretty well.  Both virtual and traditional took the same final test so that we could compare apples to apples, and the virtual group did great!  Although several of them were more nervous about taking the test than normal, the grades came out to be consistent with their previous work.  Hopefully this experience will help to build the confidence in those who were nervous so that they enter a college course without freaking out over the first big test.

Right now we are communicating through e-mail and Edmodo.  This system seems to work very well for this group.  At first there were a few students who were not truly reading the e-mails, but that problem resolved itself very quickly and naturally.  The joy of communicating through e-mail has been the individual attention that each student is able to receive.  It has been so easy to communicate with each of them as individuals…way easier than it ever is in a 50 minute class period.    

For our weekly work, our deadlines are generally on Sunday night by midnight.  Only a few students have struggled to consistently meet the deadlines.  I have been able to quickly e-mail those few and get a plan in place in order for them to find better success in the class.  They have been happy to come in and work with me until they get back on track.  I plan to wean them from this time with me by having them come meet with me less frequently each week.  Hopefully this gradual reduction in structure will help them to form better habits!

The schedule seems to work very well!  Having this as their last class instead of their first class seems to have some great benefits.  When  students come in for extra help or to take a test, they do not seem rushed at all.  If I need to see a student, I am able to e-mail them in time for them to pop by on their way home.  In general they seem much more likely to stop in for help than my BOL zero period ever did, and I think this is because they don’t have to get up early in order  to do it.  With that being said, I have had several students who need to come for help during zero period because they have increased their hours at work in the afternoons.  That has worked fine this year because zero is my off period.  It may be helpful if we can make that happen again next year.

Several students have already noticed that they are maturing more through this class than any other they have taken.  One girl told me yesterday that she never realized that she procrastinated until starting this virtual version of class.  Now she knows it and is forcing herself to stick to a schedule.  Two other girls told me that they are starting to learn how to know when they need help.  They didn’t realize how much was automatically clarified in traditional classes simply by having other students ask questions.  A boy told me that he was surprised at how quickly he could complete the work and learn the material when he didn’t have all of the distractions and interruptions of a class with 20 something other people in it.  Another boy said that he feels like he is in a college level class now that he has a higher level of independence.   All of these fringe benefits make me so happy! 

Although these students are learning the traditional course of material, they are also learning so much more.  They are learning to study independently, to manage their time, to seek help when needed, to communicate with adults, and to follow through with a commitment.  These skills will translate to every aspect of life as these students mature into adulthood, and to me that should be the ultimate goal of education!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our HHSiBucs Tech PLC was an awesome learning experience yesterday! Nikki Robertson did a great job not only presenting, but providing rewindable learning experiences for our teachers through her recordings using Google. I also have received an email from Powerful Learning Practice offering additional training where you can sign up to take an online course to increase your Google proficiency (link below). Our goal is to continue to become more device agnostic and Google allows us to do this.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Today is HHSiBucs Tech PLC at Hoover High and our wonderful librarian Nikki Robertson is doing the second session in a series on Using Google in Education. Today she is presenting on Google Forms and Spreadsheets. We have offered this session in a variety of ways to meet the needs of our teachers and to differentiate professional development. Nikki offers the course online, offers these sessions Face-to-Face during HHSiBucs Tech PLC, and she also records the sessions for rewindable learning on her blog (link provided below). Teachers seem to be learning new features of Google and are learning new ways to grade. Thank you Nikki for providing this peer led professional development for our staff. Great Job!


Friday, February 21, 2014

HHSiBucs Tech Share 2014
The teachers at HHS are working on moving past the "S"- which is integrating tech with the purpose of moving past substituting technology (S.A.M.R. Model)for traditional paper and pencil or worksheets to meaningful integration of technology that transform lessons and learning for our students. I will be sharing these short videos from our teachers and the reflection page as well. We believe in the power of reflection and how I can help us become better teachers. Below you will see a video and reflection from Lisa Rigsby, Art teacher at HHS. I would like to thank her for allowing me to share her work and for all she does as a teacher at HHS!
Lisa Rigsby HHSiBucs Tech Share Video:
From the iPad of Stacey Avant...
Used a game today to show how similar triangles are formed in mini golf and pool. :)
Ms. Moncus wins the @Everfi tweet challenge!
I want to congratulate you on being one of the three winners of the EverFi Digital Learning Day challenge! Your tweet was fun and creative and we encourage you to keep sharing your success with @everfi.

Don't Forget HHSiBucs Tech PLC is Tuesday, February 25 during ALL periods! Zero period will begin at 7:40 and 5th Period will be during C/D Lunch.
What:  Google 101 PD Series-Forms & Spreadsheets
When:  Tuesday, February 25th during all periods.
               5th period will meet during 5C/D (12:46-1:38)
Where:  Library Computer Lab
Why:  Getting ready for change to Chromebooks & to become Device Agnostic


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Curriculum Night was a huge success at Hoover High School last night! Curriculum Night is a time where parents can come and learn more about the courses that their students are interested in taking for the 2014-2015 school year. Our classes, departments, and academies are stationed at tables to answer any questions and we also had large group sessions on Academies, IB, AP, and Virtual Classes where parents can attend a more formal presentation. Thanks to Jennifer Hogan and the Curriculum Night team, this event was a huge success and provided valuable information for our parents. Great job!



Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!
From the iPad of Natasha Long...
I decided to post a huge list of love words and phrases in Spanish in honor of Valentine’s DayJ My students are tweeting out 5 tweets in Spanish. My classroom is having a BLAST!!  Hope you can find them and read them. They are loving this assignment.
We are totally engaged today in Spanish! Follow us using our hash tag: #besosyabrazos

Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Friday! It is National School Counselor's Week. We do not know what we could do without our counselors at HHS!

We are happy to have avoided the snow here in Hoover and to be at school today. We have many activities today including the Sadie Hawkins Dance and athletic events. We also had several teachers who have shared tech classroom activities since Wednesday and I wanted to get those posted. Have a great weekend!

From the iPad of Allen Skinner...

My students are watching 2 videos on YouTube. One is on Italian Unification the other on German Unification. They will then complete questions in a Google doc for credit. They are completing this for homework.

From the iPad of Jessica Tice...

Mrs. Tice's Emergency Services class is viewing different " brain maps" via iPad. They will use this knowledge to create their own "brain map" on Notability.

From the iPad of Madge Gregg...

Using Yahoo Finance to research possible stock purchases for the Alabama Stock Market Game.

From the iPad of Coach Elgin...

My students are using technology to be "academically successful".

From the iPad of Tim Rhodes...

From the iPad of Sara Little...

PreCal was working on Trig Identities which are quite challenging and usually involve lots of paper with lots of things crossed out or erased trying to figure them out.  Using the iPad made it easy to make corrections and changes.  They also had access on the Moodle to videos of the problems being out using Google Hangouts while I was teaching the lesson.

From the iPad of Jennifer Hogan..

Want to learn more about managing a digital classroom? Hoover High teachers can register online at using the following link to join the online classroom management PD offering.

Feb 12 – Online Classroom Management (Register here: 
From the iPad of Nikki Robertson...


My friend Andy Plemmons shared this with me and I thought it was such a great idea I had to share it with all of you as well.

 Andy is an elementary school librarian in Georgia.  He had his 2nd Grade students research people for Black History Month and write a persuasive “essay” as to why the person they researched should be on a postage stamp.
 In this activity he used three forms of technology: Smores (, FlipGrid (, and Google Forms.
 You will absolutely fall in love with these adorable 2nd graders and be impressed with what a good job they did.
 I can easily see potential for a project similar to this being done at the high school level.
Here is what Andy sent me:
Our 2nd graders would love for you to look at their Black History Project and vote for your favorite historical figure.
Tweets from around HHS!!



Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Today is Digital Learning Day at HHS! Actually, everyday is digital learning day at Hoover, but today we will share some of the great things going on in our building. Hope you enjoy!
From the iPad of Deborah Wilson...
Students are using the app Flipboard to find news articles that interest them from Harvard Business Review. They will do a news summary on Notability and submit to Edmodo.
From the iPad of Kelly Etheredge...
Physical science uses Pic Collage to Classify Matter...

From the iPad of Trent Hosmer...

From the iPad of Kellye Self...
Students in Mrs. Self’s class are learning about the Constitution in a variety of individualized project assignments using their iPads or laptops.  Some are playing educational games, some are watching flipped lectures, and others are creating content-themed amusement parks…just to give a taste of some of their choices.

From the iPad of Nikki Robertson...

The Library@HHS has set up a super EASY way to participate in Digital Learning Day today! 

All you need to do is add your two cents worth about the Engaged Learning Initiative to our FlipGrid.

Here are some step by step directions on how to easily participate:

Thank you in advance for your participation in this Digital Learning Day project.

From the iPad Hank Simpson...

My photo students are downloading their landscape images and working on their assignment.

From the iPad of Luke Martin...

Students in my 9th grade World History class are working on an online based DBQ (Document Based Question) for the Russian Revolution.

From the iPad of Sabrina Stanley...
Chemistry students in my class began with a Socrative Entry Ticket with questions from yesterday's lesson/last night's homework for reinforcement. Next, they used their devices to search for a webpage or video that would explain the current concept. They posted the unique URL they chose on the class Edmodo page for collaboration. Finally, we used YouTube to safely view the violent reaction between sodium metal & chlorine gas to produce benign sodium chloride (table salt). After a short, traditional lesson at the white board, I sent a virtual practice sheet to students.

From the iPad of Janet Ort...

My students are dissecting Owl Pellets and using a sorting chart provided through Edmodo for classification. Students will then create a data table as well.
From the iPad of Virginia Young...
My Fashion and Design class is creating designs via the iPad. Here is an example of a ball gown created by one of my students.
From the iPad of Megan Harrison...
Ms. Harrison's 2nd period Psychology Class working hard on their sleep disorder projects!

From the iPad of Glenith Moncus...

Good morning, everyone.  My 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th period Finance Academy classes are practicing interviewing skills today.  They will be out and about with their partner (an iPads) taking each other’s video as they answer “behavioral interview questions”.  I’ve instructed them to be quiet in the hallway.  Most of them look really nice and sharp in their business/business casual attire.  J


From the iPad of Jennifer Paradise....
Education and Training classes took a Unit test today using the zipgrade answer forms. Zipgrade  allows you to Grade Tests With Your iPhone or IPad. ZipGrade turns your iPhone or iPad into a scanning and grading machine. You can grade tests and then email results right to students the same day! Plus do an item analysis as well.

From the iPad of Gerri Kimble...
Students are watching SuperB owl ads and blogging about the persuasive techniques used.

From the iPad of Jamie Nowlin...

Reading students are using various forms of technology: desktop website, smart phone app, iPad app of quizlet to practice this week's vocabulary words.  Quizlet appeals to the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. 

From the iPads of Eric Hollis and Nick Smith...

This is a lab we’ve done in years past using paper but Nick decided after the professional development on google drive that we could try this and it has worked great.  So all the credit for this goes to him.

Last week our students made instructional videos on their iPad describing how to measure bones.  Coach smith took the best videos and posted those on the hoover forensics website.

This week students are making bone measurements using those videos for instruction.  Measurements of individual bones can give a forensic anthropologists an idea of the race, gender and approximate height of a suspect/victim if bones are recovered from a crime scene. 

Students are recording these measurements on a template that was posted on the website by opening them in notability and filling in information.
Link to template:

Once completed, students will share their work to the teacher via google drive. 
From the iPad of Heather Darling...

In AP psychology we are studying the various theories of intelligence. We answered a Journal question in our Max journal app. We had a great class discussion about nature vs. Nature and intelligence and also discussed what is IQ and how do we measure it . We took a multiple intelligence test ( which reflected the contemporary approach of IQ) in our journal. Each student was able to see what their intelligences were! 
Then we used an APP called IQ test ( which reflected the traditional approach to IQ testing). Student tested their analytic skills using this app.
From the iPad of Natasha Long...
Here is a link to one of my AP Spanish students-Dailey Wilson. Their assignment was to create an IMOVIE showing the difference between Consumerism and Modernism in the target language. It was awesome and got the point.

From the iPad of Ben Rigsby...



From the iPad of Madge Gregg...

Finance Academy Students Creating LinkedIn Profiles
From the iPad of Scarlett Kelley...

Students video labs for rewindable learning.

From the iPad of Isabeth Gannon...

We are creating presentations using Educreations to formulate a project that identifies one of the motifs from Of Mice and Men.

From the iPad of Anita Lewis...

Today my class did a mini project. First they had to partner up to answer questions from yesterday’s reading and class discussion (they used their iPads to access the reading pdf and my PowerPoint notes), then they had to create a visual board that represents key concepts of the reading section, using an app called “Curator”. It works a bit like little Pinterest boards. The students had fun with it, and they were backing up their knowledge of the reading concepts with visual concepts.


From the iPad of Susan Norris....

In my class today, we had a quiz that requires longer amounts of time for some students to complete.  Having the iPads (or rather any device), allows students to work at their own pace for the quiz and the go ahead with the new material after they have finished.  If you will notice in the picture, some students are still working on the quiz and others have in earphones, watching, listening, and taking notes off an educreations video that I created on new material.  I love educreations videos because it allows students to watch, rewatch, pause, speed up - how they learn material.  Differentiation is HARD to do in a classroom, but technology makes it so much easier to meet the individual needs of all my students.

From the iPad of Richard Sturgeon...
Students creating images to explain the level of isolationism in the 1920s and 1930s.
From the iPad of Lisa Smith...
My Finance Academy II students began playing the Stock Market Game today to invest in their favorite companies.  They’re so competitive! 

From the iPad of Laura Ann Pitts...

We are writing skits, collaborating through google docs!!