Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our Tech PLC went well on Tuesday and Ms. Nikki Robertson did a wonderful job with Google 101. Teachers were impressed with all of the functions of Google and I believe they learned a lot. Ms. Robertson stressed the importance of HHS continuing to move to incorporating lessons that are device agnostic (accessible on any device). She has created some Pinterest pages for our teachers to use as they are planning. Great Resource!

From the iPad of Hannah Zarzour...

My English 11 classes will begin a Passion Project this semester. Basically, students will research and blog about a topic chosen by them. I have asked that they use their Google account and write under a pseudonym for privacy’s sake. I will be introducing the project on Tuesday. Students will go to the library Friday to set up their Blogger, and then we will begin writing! I’m hoping that giving students the opportunity to research and learn about things that they’re interested in, they will become more engaged in their writing. I will be providing a link to all of their blogs on my website  and on my blog
We cannot wait to see these student blogs Mrs. Zarzour! Great job!

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