Friday, January 17, 2014

Hoover High School has a new Twitter handle thanks to the Social Media team that is a part of the new HHSiBucs Tech Team at HHS. Follow Hoover High School and all things Hoover at...


We will continue to use the hash tag #HHSiBucs. We would love to hear about what is going on in your classroom at #HooverHighBucs.

From the iPad of Nikki Robertson....

The following is the follow-up from the HHSiBucs Tech PLC Meeting on Tuesday.

Clean recording of Google 101 PD:

Please provide feedback.  Follow the directions in this video to find the feedback document in your SHARED WITH ME Google Drive.  If you do not have a Google 101 Feedback document in your drive please email me ASAP.

How to find your homework:

Our Pinterest Boards:

Math & Science Apps & Extensions: (How can I write mathematical equations and formulas in Google Docs?)

Curious how I recorded our sessions?  Learn more about Google Hangouts here:

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