Thursday, December 5, 2013

BUC Dynasty Day at HHS!

We are re-examining the mission and vision of the Engaged Learning Initiative and working to ensure that we are moving past Substitution in the SAMR model to technology integration that truly transforms learning for our students. Teachers are being encouraged to reflect on the ways that they integrate tech into their classrooms and find new ways to enhance learning through technology. Ms. Gannon shared the following article with me today which is a great example of "moving on up". 

From the iPad of Melissa Smith...

Last week, my students had the assignment to be a promoter for tourism in Mexico.  After reading an article about how it has declined due to the bad press of gangs, drugs, violence, etc., they were to create a webpage from their chosen city.  IB is big on formatting and creativity so I told them they could use Notability to create pages that would look like websites.  A good number actually created real websites and I thought I’d share them with you.  I know there are a lot your Spanish may be limited (and theirs is not perfect J) but I thought I’d share.  The list is long so I made sure to put a few of my favorites at the top. 

Mrs. Hogan is going a great job with the HHS Curriculum Newsletter. Below you will find a link to this week's newsletter. It is awesome!

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