Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great week and is recovering from a busy Halloween night with a wonderful Hoover football win! Today is our last edition of Connected Educators. I have mentioned before that our art department has weekly twitter chats each Friday using the hash tag #ALartedchat. Not only are these teachers amazing artists, they are connecting with their peers in new and exciting ways! Check out #ALartchat!

From the iPad of Ben Rigsby...

I have had a Twitter account for about 5 years but have only really started using it in the last 3. Twitter has allowed me to keep up with many of the current photographic trends and new technologies that are constantly changing. It is a great way to stay current and informed. 

Digital Art has become so vast and Twitter has been a fantastic way to connect with those that work with Photoshop and other digital imaging applications. 

Last year I created a Twitter account that is used just for class related tweets. I only follow art and photography related accounts and try and share new information that I find there with my student followers. Students are encouraged to follow the class account to see what I share about photo and art related stuff and to find out what is going on in class. I always tweet when there is a new group of photos on the class website.  

@hhsdigitalphoto is the class account and @brigsby is my personal. 

From the iPad of Emily Nelson...

We are so lucky to have a student body that wants to take Art.  With a full Art Schedule throughout the day, finding time to meet in person is tough.  Sharing information about student triumphs, cutting edge apps, artistic inspiration, and new lessons that we find galvanizes us as both teachers and professional artists.  It keeps our skill set up to date and fuels our workplace excitement.  We also use Twitter to discuss where we want to go as a department.  Having clear, pedagogical goals for the future of the department really keeps us on track and allows us to accomplish our goals.  

From the iPad of Julie Carroll...

Our department is very good about sharing ideas and new techniques.  It is really inspiring, as an artist, to see other artist's work.  When ideas and pictures are tweeted, it is an instant creativity boost.  

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