Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Friday HHS friends and family! It has been a busy week around HHS. Jennifer Hogan, John Montgomery, Terry Smith, Charles Butler, Carrie Busby and I traveled to Orange Beach this week for the Alabama Association of Secondary Schools Conference. It was a wonderful time of learning and fellowship with principals from around the state. I wanted to share some bullet points from the conference.

Dr. Tommy Bice, Superintendent of Alabama Schools
- Education is shifting from preparing students to take a test to preparing students for their undefined futures.
- Schools should be committed to creating environments where it is ok to take risks.
- Teachers should be engaging students and teaching them to think independently.
- Vision of Alabama Schools- Every Child is a Graduate and every Graduate is Prepared.
- Educators have to own their responsibility in the educational process and work collaboratively with others to ensure success of our students.
- Alabama's 2020 Learners:
1. All students perform at or above proficiency and show continuous improvement.
2. All students succeed.
3. Every student graduates from high school.
4. Every student graduates high school prepared.
- If you teach it and they do not get it, there is a gap forever. We need to use more formative assessments.
- If administrators are going to lead instruction, they need to be able to talk the talk.
- First question Dr. Bice asks when he visits a classroom is, "Why are you teaching what you are teaching?'.
-Great teachers have been doing RTI forever, it is just good teaching.
-Counselors are essential, but every person in the building has to be an advisor for schools to work.
- Schools need to look closely at policies that do not include students in the learning process.
- Focus on absolutes, engage legislators, and stand up for what you know is right for students.

Above you will see the comments from a passionate educator who deeply cares about the future of Alabama schools. Follow Dr. Bice at @tbice on Twitter!

HHS Virtual School Advisory Chats

Hoover High is starting to investigate the possibility of adding virtual classes into our master schedule. Starting today, administrators will be meeting with students to gather their input. Below you will find a link to the presentation for students. Students will then be asked to complete a survey on this type of learning format. We look forward to hearing from our students!


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