Thursday, November 21, 2013

From the iPad of Anita Lewis...

Hello! I wanted to report some major technology success. I used “Explain Everything” for the first time to do a flipped lecture as a test review. I used class time to play a review game.

Mr. Sturgeon taught me about this app during our technology table talks at the first of the year, but I hadn’t used it until now. I have posted another lecture with a different app earlier this nine weeks, but this one got rave reviews. It was just a last-minute run-through. Nothing fancy. I have copied the Edmodo replies from my class below.

Thanks for all your support!

Anita Lewis
I just watched this and it was very helpful!!! Can you do this more often?
Yess this helps a lot do this more
I cant explain how much this helped mrs lewis..!! Thank you so much for coming up with this idea
I must start off by saying bravo. That was the most helpful thing I've witnesses. And my question is will we need to know about Alexander
This is amazing! Mrs. Lewis this helped a lot! I like this app!
From the iPad of Chris Camper...
Students create video on historical topics!
Video on women's rights and prohibition
Jazz Age
From the iPad of Jeff Fondren...
I am using Pocket Percussion Teacher app created by my friend Robbie Green in Houston Tx.  When I travel to the middle schools I can project the music on the overhead for the percussionists and it can play a midi file of the projected  music notation at various tempos/speeds.   The students can read the overhead notation and develop listening skills while they play along to the music midi file.  This is really handy so that I can walk around and  correct technique problems as they play without me having to be directly in front of the students.     

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