Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Friday! It has been a great week at HHS. Students are engaged in many transformative activities in the classrooms at HHS. It is exciting to see our students learning and engaged. Many of our teachers are writing educational blogs, interactive blogs, and personal blogs on the topic of education. Please take the time to check out some of these blogs below:

From the iPad of Kellye Self...

Check out the pearltree AP GOV BLOGS here:
From the iPad of Nikki Robertson...
Kathy Schrock wrote a good blog post today about the SAMR Model.  I thought you might be interested in reviewing it:

Thursday, November 21, 2013

From the iPad of Anita Lewis...

Hello! I wanted to report some major technology success. I used “Explain Everything” for the first time to do a flipped lecture as a test review. I used class time to play a review game.

Mr. Sturgeon taught me about this app during our technology table talks at the first of the year, but I hadn’t used it until now. I have posted another lecture with a different app earlier this nine weeks, but this one got rave reviews. It was just a last-minute run-through. Nothing fancy. I have copied the Edmodo replies from my class below.

Thanks for all your support!

Anita Lewis
I just watched this and it was very helpful!!! Can you do this more often?
Yess this helps a lot do this more
I cant explain how much this helped mrs lewis..!! Thank you so much for coming up with this idea
I must start off by saying bravo. That was the most helpful thing I've witnesses. And my question is will we need to know about Alexander
This is amazing! Mrs. Lewis this helped a lot! I like this app!
From the iPad of Chris Camper...
Students create video on historical topics!
Video on women's rights and prohibition
Jazz Age
From the iPad of Jeff Fondren...
I am using Pocket Percussion Teacher app created by my friend Robbie Green in Houston Tx.  When I travel to the middle schools I can project the music on the overhead for the percussionists and it can play a midi file of the projected  music notation at various tempos/speeds.   The students can read the overhead notation and develop listening skills while they play along to the music midi file.  This is really handy so that I can walk around and  correct technique problems as they play without me having to be directly in front of the students.     

Monday, November 18, 2013

From the iPad of Martin Ruahano...

From the iPad of Janet Ort...

No need to go all the way to DC- you can explore @smithsonian exhibits from your couch! via @FastCoExist

From the iPad of Nikki Robertson...

There are two really good Chrome Extensions that will make using YouTube at school much “safer”.

 YTO or YouTube Options takes everything off the page on YouTube except for the video you want to show. (no ads, no video sidebar, no video grid at the end of your video, no comments, etc)
SmartVideo provides better control over YouTube buffering, quality and playing options.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Friday HHS friends and family! It has been a busy week around HHS. Jennifer Hogan, John Montgomery, Terry Smith, Charles Butler, Carrie Busby and I traveled to Orange Beach this week for the Alabama Association of Secondary Schools Conference. It was a wonderful time of learning and fellowship with principals from around the state. I wanted to share some bullet points from the conference.

Dr. Tommy Bice, Superintendent of Alabama Schools
- Education is shifting from preparing students to take a test to preparing students for their undefined futures.
- Schools should be committed to creating environments where it is ok to take risks.
- Teachers should be engaging students and teaching them to think independently.
- Vision of Alabama Schools- Every Child is a Graduate and every Graduate is Prepared.
- Educators have to own their responsibility in the educational process and work collaboratively with others to ensure success of our students.
- Alabama's 2020 Learners:
1. All students perform at or above proficiency and show continuous improvement.
2. All students succeed.
3. Every student graduates from high school.
4. Every student graduates high school prepared.
- If you teach it and they do not get it, there is a gap forever. We need to use more formative assessments.
- If administrators are going to lead instruction, they need to be able to talk the talk.
- First question Dr. Bice asks when he visits a classroom is, "Why are you teaching what you are teaching?'.
-Great teachers have been doing RTI forever, it is just good teaching.
-Counselors are essential, but every person in the building has to be an advisor for schools to work.
- Schools need to look closely at policies that do not include students in the learning process.
- Focus on absolutes, engage legislators, and stand up for what you know is right for students.

Above you will see the comments from a passionate educator who deeply cares about the future of Alabama schools. Follow Dr. Bice at @tbice on Twitter!

HHS Virtual School Advisory Chats

Hoover High is starting to investigate the possibility of adding virtual classes into our master schedule. Starting today, administrators will be meeting with students to gather their input. Below you will find a link to the presentation for students. Students will then be asked to complete a survey on this type of learning format. We look forward to hearing from our students!


Tweets from around HHS:

Thursday, November 14, 2013

From the iPad of Chris Metcalf:

My Algebra I kids did an activity where they solved 5 problems and picked one of them to do an Educreations presentation on today.  We showed the videos in  class, and I really think the kids liked it a lot.

Here’s one example and the questions attached. 

From the iPad of Jennifer Hogan...

We had a great trip to the Alabama Association of Secondary School Principals (AASSP) this week. Holly and I presented at two sessions on how we use twitter at our school, and we loved getting to brag on the wonderful things all of you are doing at our school. We emphasized that it is one more tool that we use to build and strengthen relationships, which is the number one things we do at HHS. I will be sharing more from the sessions I attended in upcoming newsletters.

Instead of a Curriculum Newsletter this week, I would like for all teachers to complete this QUICK PD Survey:

Also, here's a terrific and fun video on teamwork I wanted to share with you.

Thank you for all you do,


Here is a great article shared by Caroline Adams at Bluff Park Elementary:

Congratulations to our own Coach Charles Burkett! Charles will be inducted into the Jacksonville State Athletic Hall of Fame on November 22, 2013.
We are very proud of Charles and I know you will want to congratulate him when you see him.
This is a tremendous award and Charles is so deserving of this recognition!
From the Library @HHS...
The Library@HHS has an all new interactive display for November! 
November is a time to reflect on what you are thankful for. Write what you are thankful for on a leaf (available in the library) and give it to a library staff member to be placed on the board OR scan the
QR Code and post what you are thankful for on the Padlet.
The Library@HHS would be so THANKFUL you would participate in this interactive display and encourage your students to participate as well,
Thank you in advance for your support J

Friday, November 8, 2013

What is the next step? This the question that we are constantly asking as we work to transform learning at Hoover High School. Recently we visited Florence High School to learn more about their Virtual School. This model is one where students can take high school classes online, but come to school for assessments and to collaborate with their teachers. Hoover High School is very interested in moving in this direction to meet the need of more of our students. Offering online classes will remove some scheduling barriers for our students and will allow some to take more classes in the arts and other areas of interest and passion. We are looking forward to learning more  about online learning and to see if we can develop our own virtual classes.

We are also working to ensure that we are working not only substitute learning but also to transform learning with technology. The following link has a great video that explains the SAMR model:


Tweets from Around HHS:


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Tuesday! #ALedchat was great last night and it was awesome to feel so supported by educators around the nation on the topic of feeling overwhelmed. Search the hash tag #ALedchat on Twitter to review some great tips and strategies for dealing with these feelings!

Last year we worked with Arab City Schools to collaborate on using iPads in schools. Michael Fowlkes is the CTO in Arab and write a blog that we can all learn from. Check it out:  

You also need to check out Lisa Nielsen's blog: The Innovative Educator. I love this post below and how she informs educators of how we are missing the boat of we are not teaching students about social media (great graphic!):

And of course, out very own Jennifer Hogan's blog, The Compelled Educator:

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great week and is recovering from a busy Halloween night with a wonderful Hoover football win! Today is our last edition of Connected Educators. I have mentioned before that our art department has weekly twitter chats each Friday using the hash tag #ALartedchat. Not only are these teachers amazing artists, they are connecting with their peers in new and exciting ways! Check out #ALartchat!

From the iPad of Ben Rigsby...

I have had a Twitter account for about 5 years but have only really started using it in the last 3. Twitter has allowed me to keep up with many of the current photographic trends and new technologies that are constantly changing. It is a great way to stay current and informed. 

Digital Art has become so vast and Twitter has been a fantastic way to connect with those that work with Photoshop and other digital imaging applications. 

Last year I created a Twitter account that is used just for class related tweets. I only follow art and photography related accounts and try and share new information that I find there with my student followers. Students are encouraged to follow the class account to see what I share about photo and art related stuff and to find out what is going on in class. I always tweet when there is a new group of photos on the class website.  

@hhsdigitalphoto is the class account and @brigsby is my personal. 

From the iPad of Emily Nelson...

We are so lucky to have a student body that wants to take Art.  With a full Art Schedule throughout the day, finding time to meet in person is tough.  Sharing information about student triumphs, cutting edge apps, artistic inspiration, and new lessons that we find galvanizes us as both teachers and professional artists.  It keeps our skill set up to date and fuels our workplace excitement.  We also use Twitter to discuss where we want to go as a department.  Having clear, pedagogical goals for the future of the department really keeps us on track and allows us to accomplish our goals.  

From the iPad of Julie Carroll...

Our department is very good about sharing ideas and new techniques.  It is really inspiring, as an artist, to see other artist's work.  When ideas and pictures are tweeted, it is an instant creativity boost.