Friday, October 4, 2013

HHS Highlights Connected Educators
From the iPad of Kelley Self...
When I first created an account on twitter, I really didn’t see the point of it.  I was a FB user for social media and was quite comfortable with it.  I hadn’t thought of it in terms of creating a professional network, but through the encouraging efforts of Dr. Sutherland and Mrs. Hogan last year, I have built a network of educators that are trying new ideas that I am intrigued by – like flipped classroom and AP Government.  I follow connected educators from all over the world now and also follow several online academic resources that I didn’t even realize existed until I started having a more robust twitter experience.  I would  highly recommend this as a method of ongoing, meaningful professional development and interaction with colleagues in education.  It has allowed me to grow as an educator and stretch my thinking about ways to design my course, manage my classes and assess my students.

From the iPad of Lisa Rigsby...

I am a very new twitter chatter. I keep forgetting to include the hash tag on my tweets. But as new as I am, I am having an incredible experience in professional growth because of Twitter. It is an easy excuse to say I'm just an art teacher, but I believe in the power of education to change lives. To be a part of that I need to be well-versed and well-read in all topics, from grading, to homework, to classroom management. Twitter has changed how I achieve this goal by making the discussions easily accessible. The wide variety of subject matter teachers and administrators, types and levels of schools, make all the chats I have been in so far unique and there is always something to be gained. I am glad to have a tool in my belt that leads to new learning opportunities.

From the iPad of Kim Tanner...

For me, Twitter has helped me grow professionally by meeting people around the world who share extraordinary ideas to help me in help my students. I am always trying to develop new ideas to implement in my classroom or with my co-teachers. For instance, had I not connected with Dave Burgess through Twitter, I would never had read his book "Teach Like a Pirate."  I have been able to connect with him and he is helping us implement an exciting new program coming up at Hoover a High School.  We are partnering this year and I am excited for the doors this could open.

From the iPad of Keith Fulmer...

Twitter has been useful to me as professional because it gave me a chance to expand my personal learning network. I have access to dozens ,if not hundreds of professionals that I probably never would've had the opportunity to meet, even if I had been able to attend do every conference in the country.
I am able to pick the brains of experts and I am able to share what I have learned with others.

My involvement in tweet chats has also allowed me to use others as a sounding board and as a way to reflect on and reexamine my professional practices and beliefs.

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