Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Friday! It has been an exciting week at HHS. Teachers have been trained on Method Test Prep which is designed to give our students more opportunities to mesh classroom concepts with ACT test prep, Mrs. Busby has continued her discussion on grading with her Lunch and Learn sessions, technology is being integrated in new and innovate ways and teachers are working to build relationships with their students on a daily basis. 

Today we will continue to highlight the connectedness that Twitter has brought to some of our faculty and staff in honor of Connected Educator Month. I love to learn how Twitter to connect and grow professionally! I also gave a challenge to our students and parents to tweet how Twitter has increased their feelings of connectedness to teachers and administrators at HHS. I have included examples below.

Have a great weekend! Go Bucs!

From the iPad of Danelle Rohwedder...

I was so excited when I received a direct message from my favorite French teacher on Twitter, @msfrenchteach, asking me if I’d be interested in collaborating on an Instagram project with her students at the Hammond School in South Carolina.  Of course I said yes, and then we started emailing back and forth planning the project.  Basically, my students in French 1, her students in French 2, and students from other schools in Iowa and Wisconsin (and Spain Park!) all created a profile on Instagram and are posting pictures and videos using the new vocabulary and grammar structures they’re learning about.  The students, no matter which school or state they are in, use the same hashtag.  The students then comment on other’s posts and are connecting through French!  Mrs. Vogel (@msfrenchteach) and I had a great conversation about how this is an opportunity for our students to practice digital citizenship- not just by posting content that is appropriate and nice, but by actually connecting with others who share an interest!  We’re trying to show them how social media can be a powerful tool for reasons other than sharing pictures of your dog by giving them an opportunity to connect as we have over Twitter.

From the iPad of Ann Glass...
I love using twitter to report what my co-teachers are doing in the classroom.  When they are busy teaching, I can tweet highlights of what they say or just a few funny words that the students will see and remind them of our discussion.  Twitter has allowed me to get to know many more of the faculty members in both Hoover schools and other schools around the nation.  It was fun to meet someone at the beginning of the school year that I had been following on Twitter for about a year.  I already had a relationship with her and that allowed us to bypass some of the “getting to know you” stage and move right to work.  One of the things I most like about Twitter is following the students in my classes.  It has helped me build relationships with them and learn something about them that I would not otherwise learn strictly in a classroom situation. The students also know something about me and my family so they seem to feel more comfortable talking with me.

From the iPad of Deborah Wilson...

The two book chats this summer really introduced me to Twitter more in depth.  Everyone was so helpful in helping me to understand the lingo and how to go about using Twitter.  I was encouraged to use it with my classes.  After reading Teach Like a Pirate, I wanted to do something different with my classes.  I also went to a PD on how to use Twitter the week before school.  Ben Rigsby actually gave me individual attention on how to set my classes up to do class tweets.  I usually do activities to introduce my students to Economics to show them how relevant it is to their lives, so I decided to have a class tweet on what they thought Economics was.  Each class had their own tweet and everyone enjoyed it.  They even joked with me that I was going to be “trending” that day!  I plan to try that again this year with a different topic.  My technological level is in the middle and I always want to learn how to be better. Holly and Jennifer have been so encouraging and helpful with my technological endeavors! Kellye Self is also a wealth of information!

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