Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Friday Hoover High School and friends! Another busy but awesome week at Hoover High School. As we have mentioned, October is Connected Educators Month. The art department is once again hosting a Tweet Chat today during the day (#ALartchat)and below you will see Janet Ort and Kelley Etheredge highlighted as connected educators at HHS. The ELI has brought many changes to HHS and one of the biggest changes is our growth in the area of connectedness!

From the iPad of Janet Ort...

As a scientist and creative thinker Twitter is an amazing tool.  I use it to capture those epiphanies, discoveries, and moments of humor or irony that cross our paths every day.  By capturing those moments I have documented kernels of ideas or catalysts for further writing.
*  I use it to connect quickly for local & out of district feedback from across the country/world.
*  Used wisely a teacher gains instant updates on our changing world.  This is so important for all the environmental and other science developments that are constantly in flux.
*  The institutions & professional organizations I follow are amazing in their breadth & depth for links to current content and ideas.
*  I love to integrate my teaching professional practice and lifelong learning with others in a collaborative fashion. In a weird way, it keeps me thinking about sharing and therefore improving my communication skills.  It is so easy to become insular in our practices even in a school as technically and professionally advanced as we are.
* Those aha moments take on a new & multiplied meaning when shared.

From the iPad of Kelley Etheredge...

Twitter has helped me connect with other teachers and see a different perspective on topics, and get new ideas for lessons.

From the iPad of Nikki Robertson...

Did you notice the massive OverDrive Digital Bookmobile in front of the school this morning?! 
The Library@HHS is excited to have this rare treat at Hoover High School to help celebrate Teen Read Week.

Classes participated in a Teen Read Week contest to win a class visit to the OverDrive Digital Bookmobile. 


Jerry Fuqua was named the My68 WABM Med Center Mazda Thursday Night Lights Teacher of the Week 2013.  Congratulations to Coach Fuqua on this honor!

Tweets from Around HHS:


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