Thursday, October 10, 2013

Does you teacher teach like a Pirate? Check out this cool idea sponsored by our Education Academy. Thanks for the motivation and leadership Dave Burgess!

Looking for an awesome way to introduce the parents of new students to your class? Maybe there was a need to change classes or a student is new to Hoover High. Check out how Mr. Rushano introduces himself to parents of new students. Great job Mr. Rushano!! 

Mrs. (Parent name),

I just received this e-mail and am very excited that your daughter is joining our class.  I look forward to working with you and her this year.  Please see attached our class outline, which I will give to (student) today, explaining the class.  If you could go to the following Parent Google Form (Form Address Here)and fill out the information requested, I would appreciate it. 

The following are a few invitations I am giving (Student) to join our class:
Our 7th period EDMODO code is (code) which contains our class notes as well as test dates and assignments,
Our twitter account is “@RushanoGeometry” which announces assgnments and test dates,
Our Instagram Account is “mrushano” which has pictures of class activities,
Our class Text Messaging service is accessed by texting “@geomrocks” to (phone #) and filling out the quick form... it contains daily class announcements,

And our class blog site (for curriculum extensions and extra credit) is

Again, I look forward to a successful year.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  Thanks!

Martin Rushano, M. Ed., NBCT
Math Teacher and Math Team Coach, Room A304
Hoover High School

Voicemail:  205/279-7441

From the iPad of Nikki Robertson...

If you start using the Google School Account and Google Drive ( there would be NO need for scanning, copying, etc.  Everything can be created, shared and graded through the Google Cloud, providing instant feedback for students.
If you just have to have your document in PDF or Microsoft Office Format you can simply download your Google Document to the desired form.

If your documents are already in Microsoft Format or PDF you can upload them into your Google Drive account with just a click or two.

The best thing about using Google Drive is that if you make any changes to your document the changes are made universally and you never need to send out an updated document or link.

I have also made a brief tutorial about how to print from the iPad to the WEPA Print Kiosks.

Here is a QR Code that connects to the tutorial above:


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