Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yesterday Jennifer Hogan, Nikki Robertson, Frances Courson, Kellye Self and I attended a Professional Development session presented by nationally known teacher/author Jon Bergmann at the University of Montevallo. Bergmann is the pioneer of flipping the classroom and flipped learning. I first saw Jon Bergmann's book, The Flipped Class, at our Flipped Learning morning meeting when Paul Kustos brought the book in and shared how he was inspired by the ideas presented in it. Several HHS teachers are flipping lessons and flipping learning. The main thing that I took away from this presentation and the book was that it is not about the material (video) that is sent home, it is about what you are doing to transform learning in the classroom when the students return. For more information on Jon Bergmann and flipping the classroom, check out these links:

Below I have outlined some basic principals of flipping the classroom with the slides presented by Bergmann.

The flipped classroom requires the revision of Blooms Taxonomy. The Remembering and Understanding is primarily completed outside of the classroom via videos and other learning opportunities. It now looks more like the following photo.
This shows how the Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating become a much larger piece of the learning process and this happens inside the classroom. (By Lorin Anderson)

Here is an example of a video on Atoms created by Bergmann:


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