Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Monday!!

From the iPad of Zara Greene...

Ringya - Contact list manager. Seems very user friendly and useful and it's free. Can email file or take pic of a paper list and it works for those without smartphones, apparently.


Grammar and writing benchmarking activities with common core targeting. Creates quizzes and assignments for common core skills (grammar and writing only) based on student interests. Set up classes much like in edmodo using codes.


From the iPad of Keith Fulmer...
I follow teachers with apps on twitter and this list seemed both useful and overwhelming. Good hunting.

Edmodo releases new quizzes for iPads:
From the iPad of Nikki Robertson...

My Internet TV Program launched last night & was an AWESOME SUCCESS! Yay!

Today I thought Mr. Ware’s students how to use the AVL (Alabama Virtual Library) for their research project. 
 What I taught them would be good for other students to know as week.
 Here is the recording of my presentation:
Just thought I’d share J

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