Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Flipped Learning Day!!
Friday, September 6, 2013 is Flipped Learning Day. This is a day when educators around the globe commit to flip one lesson during the day in their classroom. Many Hoover High School teachers participated in Flipped Learning Day. Here are a few examples:
Ms. Butcher's Interior Design class researched design trends that were out of date and took photos from their homes of these. In class, a discussion was held about these trends in interior design.

Ms. Etheredge's class watched a video on estuaries for homework on Thursday night and then completed a lab/discussion in class.

Ms. Kehr's class researched digital footprints and then participated in a class discussion using Socrative as a back channel.

Tweets from around HHS:


Classroom Management Tip

Have students who are very distracted by their IPADS? What I have decided to do is create a visual (attached) which I will show to my class when I want them or an individual student to get off his/her IPAD. I have used the phrase “ IPADS resting”, but found myself continually repeating it over and over, so am now resorting to visuals. Just wanted to share.

Jennifer Lester

Today’s Meet 

             Go to the website.
             Click on create a room.
             Give it a name.
             Decide how long you would like to save the data.
             Click create.
             You are done!
             Give students URL which is www.todaysmeet/ you classroom name you created.
             They sign in.
             They then make comments in 140 character twitter format.
             Advantage: Easy, NOT public, less typing, no one’s Twitter blows up with activity, their  
               name shows up on each post, perfect for large classes & students that are not comfortable
              speaking out or cannot get a word into a conversation.

Janet L. Ort EdS, NBCT

Haiku Deck

I was helping students look for free apps today for a presentation project they are working on and found Haiku Deck.  You can put in key terms and it will hunt for Creative Commons images to put in a presentation even. The students who tried it thought it was really good, so I thought I'd pass it along for your feature on free apps.

Kellye Self

Common Core by Mastery Connect

I just found an app called Common Core by Mastery Connect. It has all the common core standards by grade and subject....could be handy to carry around.

Kellye Self

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