Tuesday, September 3, 2013

From the iPad of Kellye Self...

I know that I have recommended this paid App before.  I take pictures of my students from that App and it helps me learn their names at the beginning of the semester.  It’s most basic feature serves as an update to the old “popsicle stick” method of making sure you choose/call on different students.  I found this weekend that for a 99cent upgrade, you can add a “group” feature which will put students in several types of groups – randomized (by size you choose), levelized and balanced.  If you use the app to regularly record whether students get formative assessment answers right or wrong in class, it will group them based on ability levels.  I will probably randomize most frequently, but I did want to mention this feature since I think it is a really great upgrade to the app.

From the iPad of Janet Ort...
My students are using content to get to know each other based on animals.


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