Friday, August 30, 2013

From the iPad of Teddie Butcher...
I wanted to brag on Virginia and I - we used iPads to download Pic Collage and students made a collage that told a story about themselves-family, sports, activities, etc.  and then I used the Dongle to attach to my computer and each student showed their collage and told about themselves.

Next the students did a Pic Collage of their favorite top 10 foods and another one on what foods they were able to make alone, without any help-this gave us an ideal of their food likes and experiences.

Today-I was going to lecture on the types of food related health issues but instead-I put the attached sheet together and had the students “Turn and Talk”-I assigned 2 students one of the 10 issues listed from this website-had them use their iPad to investigate the disease and then report to the class as a group what they found-we are researching today and reporting tomorrow.

We are so happy to be able to think and create lesson plans outside the box. I shared the Nutrition sheet with Virginia to use if she wanted to and she said, “Wow, I wish I had this yesterday.” –however, we are both taking it day by day at this point, to integrate the iPad into our curriculum.

I shared with my Interior Design class (4th period) yesterday that I wanted to be current with technology in our class but that I did not know which apps in Color and Design were useful or ineffective; Virginia and I found many, but had not played with them. So my students spent yesterday investigating and I made a long list on the Elmo, then each student chose an app that they were going to become the expert on and will evaluate whether it will be good for us to use or not. Each Monday, until we get through the list, we are having App Monday- students will rotate pulling their app up, show everyone what it does, express it limitations, show it’s abilities and we can decide whether it will be helpful with our curriculum. Last year I was intimidated, this year, I am taking the bull by the horns-we would appreciate any apps that you know about that would be useful in our curriculum and maybe a description of how you seeing it working in class.


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