Monday, July 22, 2013

The physical science teachers are meeting today to discuss curriculum and instruction. The morning started with a discussion of how to enhance learning through technology integration. It was great to hear teachers discussing flipping the classroom, gaining more global perspectives through the Internet, and increasing connectedness to current information. Mr. Johnson created an Edmodo group so that this group can continue to collaborate throughout the school year. Coach Hollis shared that the Forensic Science teachers created a Weeby to house all important information for their classes. reat day of collaboration.

From the iPad of Glenith Moncus...
Hi, everyone.  I just want to share this resource with you.  Lisa Smith and I have used Teach With Movies - Lesson Plans based on Movies and Films on and off over the years.  It's a good place to start if you need ideas for questions and discussion if you need to use movies in your classroom.  They have tons of movies for different subject areas.  They use to charge an $11 annual subscription.  On August 25th it will be free! So add this to your list of favorite sites! :)


Thursday, July 18, 2013

From the iPad of Holly Sutherland....

Hoover High School teachers- we want your input! We are working to plan the School-Based Technology PD Day on August 14th. It is our goal to provide you with sessions and learning opportunities that meet your individual needs and the needs of your peers. Take a moment to complete the following Google Form so that we can plan a great technology PD day!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

We have updated and clarified the information and details about our Engaged Learning Initiative in our ELI iPad Manual that you see below. The information in the manual will hopefully answer any questions that you may have about the iPads and the expectations for use at HHS. You will also see resources for students and parents on how to increase your digital citizenship awareness. The last page of the manual is the form that you will need to print and bring with you to registration in order to receive your iPad (we will have copies available for you to fill out as well). We will provide some basic training at registration that will assist you with getting your iPad set up. We feel that students need time to play, explore, and familiarize themselves with the iPads before the start of school.

We strongly recommend that you set up your iTunes account prior to registration if you do not already have an account. When creating this account (or if you have an account) please write down the user name and password and bring it with you to registration. In the past we have had some issues with students not being able to remember previously established account user names and passwords. Please check to ensure that you know this information before coming to registration. It will make the process go much more smoothly and will save you time.

Here are the instructions from Apple for setting up an iTunes account:

Click on the Manual to View Information and Print Form:


Monday, July 8, 2013

We were so honored to be selected to present at ISTE 2013. We felt that we did a good job highlighting our Engaged Learning Initiative at Hoover High School. 

Here is a blog post that Mr. Hulin shared from AJ Juliani. I think it does wonderful job of explaining how ISTE pushes us to try new ideas and increase our integration of technology!    

From the iPad of Jane Bruce...

Here are some great apps that I have learned about during PD this summer:

Group Me- group text messaging which includes dumb phones that don't get group text messages and you can send more than 10 messages at once. You can set the settings to SMS which goes to your text messages or to push which keeps messages within the app. 

Remind 101- one way text reminders to students with scheduled date reminders. They get a code and join the group. Great for classes and parent reminders. Real easy to set up. Users get texts one way, but you don't share your cell number. They can't respond.