Friday, June 7, 2013

HHS Technology Boot Camp 2013 is coming June 12th! We are super excited about hosting this event for out staff and for other teachers in the surrounding area. This PD opportunity focuses on using teachers and students to facilitate learning in our building. We love learning with others!

8:00-8:15              Coffee/Juice/Light Breakfast Foods in Library

8:15-8:40              Engaged Learning Initiative- Logistics of Day- Library Atrium

8:40-9:40              Kelly Etheredge Integrating Photos and Facts with Pic Collage and Word
                               Documents- Computer Lab

                                Matt Walker Flipping the Classroom (You will see this on an advanced level, but
                                even beginners will see how this is done)- Community Room

                                Stacey Avant Technology in the Math Classroom- Learning Area

                                Holly Sutherland, Katherine Dinsmore, Destine Smith, Eric Kim, Sunny
                                Thodupumuri- iPad 101: Tips, Tricks, iHelp- Library Atrium

                                 Table Topics:
                                 iPad 101 Jacob Tofani, Jason McCay
                                 Twitter: Corey McCloud
                                  Edmodo: Lauren Wiggins, Julianna Dinsmore
                               Notability: Hannah Shultz
9:40-10:00           Snack and Tweet UP

10:00-11:00         Joe Walding Educreations- Computer Lab

                              Jennifer Hogan The Good and Bad of Classroom Management of Technology from
                              Observations- Community Room

                              Katherine Dinsmore, Corey McCloud, Jacob Tofani, Julianna Dinsmore, Destiny
                              Smith What Works Best for Us: Question/Answer with Students- Library Atrium

                               Table Topics:
                               Quizlett Hannah Shultz, Jason McCay
                               Edmodo: Eric Kim, Sunny Thodupumuri
                               Instragram: Lauren Wiggins, Aubrey Powell


12:00-1:00           Emily Barnes Notability- Learning Area
                               Holly Sutherland Blogging and Social Media in the Classroom- Community Room

                               Melissa Hamley Grading Electronic Documents- Computer Lab

                               Destiny Smith, Jacob Tofani, Audrey Powell, - Using Dropbox- Library Atrium

                                Table Topics:
                                Twitter: Corey McCloud
                                Flip Board: Hannah Shultz
                                iHelp Desk: Eric Kim, Sunny Thodupunuri
                             Dropbox: Jason McCay, Julianna Dinsmore
                             Notability: Lauren Wiggins

1:00-2:00              Jill Westerlund Using Google Sites for Student Digital Portfolios- Computer Lab 2
                               Jennifer McCollum  Grade Cam- Computer Lab

                                Eric Kim, Sunny Thodupumuri  Edmodo- Library Atrium
                                 Cloud On- Lauren Wiggins
                                Table Topics:
                                Students available to help with any topic covered today or answer questions.

2:00-3:00              Planning Session: Individual or Group (Share and Pair for upcoming school year)
                               Library and Share at Atrium

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