Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Watch this YouTube video called Thrift Shop Algebra Parody.

My rising freshman son and I were on Twitter this afternoon when we came across this video (thanks, Keith Fulmer). The first thing he said while we were watching the very beginning of the video was "Ugh, I don't miss that at all!"  He took Algebra as an 8th grader, and needless to say, he doesn't want to spend any portion of his summer doing math.  But what Jake said at the end of the video has stayed with me all day. At the end of the video, he said, "That is awesome. I want to be in that class."  

"I want to be in that class." 

Kids are required to come to school, but what a difference it makes when they WANT to come to our classes.  We all have our own special skill set that we bring to the table to motivate students, and summer is the time to replenish our stores so that come August, we are ready to inspire and educate a fresh group of students. May we all take time this summer to remember our power to inspire.  Just wanted to share...

From the iPad of Danelle Rohwedder...


Just wanted to let you know that we made it back safely from France!  We visited Paris, Versailles, Normandy, Mt. Saint Michel, St. Malo, Tours, the Loire Valley, and Nice.  All the kids had a great time eating the food, seeing the sites, and most importantly, speaking French!  I had Jessica Wang, Jasmine Brown, Jasmine Freeman, Jayde Sherron, Griffin Eagan, Sydney Kennedy, and Briana Guin with me from HHS, plus a whole bunch of SPHS kids.  I was proud to take these Hoover people out of the country with me and look forward to another trip in a few years.

I've uploaded most of my pictures to my HHS website.  Here's a direct link if you care to see them!

Hope yall are having a great summer!  A bientot,

Danelle Rohwedder

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