Friday, May 17, 2013

It is the last Friday of the school year! Hope everyone has had a great week. It has been a little crazy her with seniors so today's Fun Fact Friday is my son/s remake to "All I Do is Win". I must tweet a little :)When he gets married I am going to home good material to share!

From the iPad of Mrs. Moncus...

Hi, everyone.  I promise this is worth your time.  J Really, this is as close to having a grader as a high school teacher!

The Business Department have been using QUIA ONLINE for many years now. I found this service when I was teaching in Dallas.   If you love Socrative and Gradecam, you’ll love Quia so much more! J

What we love about this service as a department is that we can create tests/quizzes in different versions by just clicking the “randomize question order” and “randomize answer choices” feature.  If we need to share a quiz, we just e-mail each other the URL. If you choose, you can add a password to all the tests and assign it at a certain time.  You can also choose to display one question at a time and the kids gets immediate feedback on each item.  You can also upload images and audio clips for each item. Next year, all our kids will have iPads and they can take their quizzes, tests, semester exams online and they are graded for you on the spot! You can also print a paper copy if you want or create an answer form online and give them a paper copy of the test!  Also, the scores are stored in your account (not e-mailed to you) and the students have access to all the tests and quizzes they’ve taken, great for study guides during semester exams. 

Nothing is perfect specially when using iPad. Yes, I said that!  The down side is that some of the activities requires Java and Flash and my kids said it won’t work.   

The subscription is $49/per teacher annually but we get a discount if more teachers signs up.

Here are some of the features:
  • Create 16 types of games and learning activities:
o    Matching game
o    Flashcards
o    Battleship
o    Challenge board
o    Hangman game
o    Jumbled words
o    Pop-ups
o    Scavenger hunt
o    Cloze activity
o    Patterns
  • Create quizzes with 10 types of questions:
o    Multiple choice
o    True-false
o    Pop-up
o    Multiple correct
o    Fill-in
o    Initial answer
o    Short answer
o    Essay
o    Matching
o    Ordering
  • Create classes and track quiz results.
  • Maintain an online schedule and calendar.
  • Upload images and audio clips.
  • Copy and modify any of Quia's three million activities to suit your own needs.
  • Share your activities with students, friends, colleagues, anyone in the world!
So what do you all think?


Glenith N. Moncus, EdS, NBCT
Finance Academy I
Business Technology Applications

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