Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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Hoover High student team one of 47 finalists in Siemens national environmental challenge

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I am an Instructional Support teacher at Hoover High School, and I recently participated in a webinar entitled “One Lesson- ALL Learners”. The presenters of this webinar focused on how educators can meet the needs of all learners by using technology. They believe that differentiation can be invisible when the right technology is used. If differentiation is obvious, then it is not differentiation. Presenter, Tracy Sockalosky, spoke on how student learning should be an ongoing process that builds upon itself, not a collection of points in time. With the help of technology, student assessment can be continuous. Students and teachers should reflect on the lessons throughout the process. Sockalosky stated that she has taken the word “grading” out of her vocabulary. She believes in incorporating self-assessment, as well as, peer reflections. Technology also allows students to have more choice in their learning and opens up avenues for creativity. As educators it is important that we first define our learning goal. Then we must determine how students will demonstrate their understanding and how it will be assessed. Technology allows for more open communication and collaboration. Remember to remain open and flexible. Students are all different, and we should have options available for all students no matter their level.
Many apps were introduced during this webinar, several that were new to me. It is amazing how much helpful, stimulating technology is out there at our disposal. Some of the apps mentioned are Padlet, Videonote, Google Drive, Diigo, Thinklink, Schoology, and Wunderlist. I encourage you to explore these apps and see if you can find a place for them in your classroom.

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