Tuesday, May 7, 2013

From the iPad of Dana Depew...

Wonderful segment on learning this weekend on NPR. If you have the opportunity to listen, I highly recommend the segment

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Sugata Mitra: How Much Can Children Teach Themselves?

From the iPad of Kellye Self....

As you guys are looking for professional development opportunities, I thought I’d point you toward one that teachers can do on their own. Last summer, I signed up for 3 of the distance learning courses offered from Troy (Dreilinger’s courses). I didn’t finish any of them because I bit off more than I could chew with that, but I did finish most of each of them and learned a lot. One of them was on PBL and it was through something called Intel Teach Elements. It was great. I was just out of town a lot last summer with less than reliable wifi, so I couldn’t complete all the requirements. I plan to revisit the course this summer, and so I went to the site to look around today. They are offering another through the state distance learning offerings on “blended learning” which is also from this group. These are VERY well organized and have a set-up that leads teachers through development of an “action plan,” end of module quizzes, and lots of real-world examples. These can be done by teachers on their own for free. The website with links to each course is http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/education/k12/teach-elements.html. The state is offering 30 hours of PD time to complete the one they moderate – which is merely them breaking this course into 6 weeks on Moodle and having you do all the work at the Intel site and then post it back to the state site. For teachers trying to get their flex time in or professional development finished before the end of the month, this could be an option….I guess with a proviso that they must complete it outside of school time. Thought I’d pass it along. I’m working on the blended learning one right now – not because I need any more hours or flex time, but because I’m thinking through how to flip all my classes next year and this has some good ideas and information in it.


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