Thursday, May 16, 2013

From a Hoover Senior Parent...

I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for giving our children the opportunity to use the ipads this past year!  It has been absolutely wonderful for our children - especially Ashley who is a graduating senior.

She has used it constantly!  Yes, she uses it for social media and for Pinterest, but I cannot tell you how she has used it for her classes and her homework.  She takes notes with it during class, watches instruction on it at night, uses it as a tool to find out information that will help her in her studies and I cannot tell you how much she has learned to do on it!

She does not have a job and she is needing to buy a computer for college.
This past month, she has set up an account on e bay with her ipad and she has been selling items and making money to buy her own computer.  She has plans too to buy an ipad so she will have one to take to class and use like she has used this one.

I thank you for making this possible for our kids!  I am so proud to say that Ashley and her siblings are Hoover High Students!

Great feedback! 

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