Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Friday Hoover High School! Spring is in the air (mixed with a little pollen). Although things are getting a little crazy around here, I appreciate that I am continuing to get technology tips, ideas, and strategies shared with me and the staff on a daily basis. Keep them coming! This week's Fun Fact Friday features students who are willing to give tips to teachers about iPad use in the classroom. Enjoy!

From the iPad of Kellye Self...

I was just reading an article on MacLife magazine about top apps for researchers.  One of the ones they mentioned (free) is called EasyBib.  It will let you scan/take a picture of the barcode of a book, tell it which citation format you want (MLA, APA or Chicago) and it starts building your bibliography.  You can also type in the name of a publication and it will search its database for it.  I thought this was the coolest thing ever, since I'm always confused by all the ways that citing sources has changed since I was in school, so I thought I'd pass it along.  I figure anything that makes it easier for kids to cite their sources is a good thing....

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