Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stepping out of our comfort zone again!

We started the Alabama Education Chat (#ALedchat) last fall, and we've had terrific success with connecting educators across the state and country. We learn so much from you in this building, and we've loved sharing what we're doing as well as hearing what others are doing. It was scary to try the chat, because thoughts like, "What if no one shows up?" or "Do they want to hear what we have to say/ask?" would creep in. (They still do!) We still want to grow our state chat, and now we've stepped way outside the box.

We are going to try to connect all the state chats (#MDedchat, #IAedchat, #gaed, #CAedchat,  #edchatRI, #edchatMA, etc.) with a quarterly Twitter chat called #USedchat.  We've set the date for April 22 at 8pmCST, and we've been tweeting some of the education leaders that are on Twitter. We're excited and nervous all at once!

We, along with the help of Mr. Lloyd and the broadcasting crew, created a video that explains a little more about the "why" and the topics for the first national chat. You can watch it here:

We hope you'll watch the video, join the chat on April 22, and invite your friends to join us. Thanks in advance for your support. We need it out there on the limb! :)

- Jennifer and Holly

Response from Ms. Butcher (Too Funny!)...

1)      Just read the email Jennifer sent out and watched the youTube video regarding being a part of the twitter group #ALedchat (good job)!
2)      Jennifer said her husband called her Farrah Fawcett yesterday-“she must have had a hair and make-up artist before filming” the video
3)      So now I know why Carrie was hired-to finish out the Hoover Angels-Farrah Fawcett=Jennifer Hogan, Kate Jackson= Holly Sutherland and now Jaclyn Smith=Carrie Busby
4)      I thought this was funny–look at the technology skills involved in this email. (watching a YouTube video, searching the Internet, using snipping tools, copying and renaming files, enlarging a picture and adding a title). Yay for me and my increasing technology use daily!!!

Hoover's Angels   

Teddie Butcher
Family and Consumer Science
Hoover High School

From the iPad of Judy Kehr...

Click on the above link to access a quick reference card for the iPad and more resources for using technology.  It is a great resource from:

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