Friday, March 8, 2013

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We had another technology tour today for members of our central office staff and our school board. It is always a joy to see our students excited about how they are using technology to enhance their learning. During the tour one of the ambassadors commented "We are so ahead of the game for college". It is comments like this that remind me of why we implemented this new initiative in the first place. Students are learning in new and innovative ways that they once thought impossible!

From the iPad of Jennifer Hogan...

The planning for the Freshmen iPad Parent Night is underway. I emailed the HHS faculty and asked them to send me the names of two juniors or seniors who are skilled iPad users. I met with those students Monday.

The design is that we will use the library and divide the parents into groups. Two students will be assigned to each group to present an app that they use. For example, they will share about Notability, Edmodo, and Dropbox definitely. We may need another app to be showcased, depending on number of attendees and sizes of groups.  We also have printing kiosks in our library and lunchroom, so a library student aide will demonstrate how students can send a document to the kiosk from home or school for printing.

We are going to have a running slide show of pictures of students and teachers in classrooms using iPads. We will broadcast this on the large screens in the library. We will also set up a large screen near the entrance to the library and show the twitter stream with our school hashtag displayed. 

We are excited to provide our parents with this learning opportunity!

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