Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Due to being in Washington DC for NASSP 2013, I was not able to post the Fun Fact Friday video. Jennifer Hogan and I are continuing to feature awesome teachers around HHS!

Using iPads to review for ACT during advisory- THIS IS AWESOME!

From the iPad of Cindy Bond...

All junior advisory teachers are encouraged to participate in an ACT improvement initiative for our students that can begin immediately after completing the advisory lessons sent out by Mrs. Busby this morning.  This initiative will last through Friday April 12th and can be accessed by all HHS students using iPads and the student’s personal PrepMe account through Family Connection.  This email includes a step by step process for students to access their full length ACT PrepMe account.  Unless a student is working on some other school related activity, has been given permission by you to do something else, or there is another school sanctioned event that they are a part of, they should all be working on their Prep Me accounts throughout the entire advisory period.  What we have heard from most of our students is that they do not have the time to study for the ACT and that they do not know what to study.  This month long initiative will answer both issues as it will give time during the school day focused on the individual ACT study needs of the student. 

Please remind your juniors that they should register for the upcoming April ACT by March 8th to avoid the late registration fee.  To register students go to  Students that qualify for free or reduced lunch are also eligible to receive two fee waivers throughout high school for the ACT.  Eligible students can stop by the College and Career room to pick up the fee waiver.

Using iPds, students will need to download an app like Puffin Free or iSwifter as seen below in order to use Flash media.

Students will then enter through one of these programs and use instead of Safari as their Internet browser.  In the navigation bar students will go to and then enter the email and password they selected under returning user.  Please encourage students to try several password choices before they immediately say they cannot remember their password and sending them to the guidance office. 

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