Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has had a great week! We have had an awesome week of celebrating students. From championships to players of the year to student successes on academic teams and in performing arts- we are truly excelling at Hoover High School. We wanted to focus some of the great students at Hoover and how they are using technology with our Fun Fact Friday. This week, Hannah Eans and Sarah Mitchell host as Mrs. Hogan and I. It was a lot of fun to work with these great young ladies as well as hear from our outstanding students highlighted in the video. Have a great weekend!!

Fun Fact Friday Video:

From The Library @ HHS...
March Madness has struck the Summer Reading book selection committee at HHS!

March 12 through 15 – Discuss the 32 books Mr. Hulin announced as the options for summer reading books and explain that students and teachers will be voting over the next few weeks to determine the final four books.  Students will choose 1 of the 4 books to read over the summer.  Students may vote starting today.  They will need to log into edmodo (using the app, safari, internet explorer, etc. on iPads, smart phones, other personal devices, or the teacher’s desktop) and join the HHS Final Four group using group code:
The ballot will feature the 32 books selected by teachers as summer reading options.  This first round will narrow down the books to 16.  The Sweet 16 will be announced on March 18th (over the intercom after AHSGE testing has ended for the day).  Instructions for the next round of voting will be sent out at that time.  We are attaching a bracket that you can use with your class to keep up with the results. 
If you have a 9th or 10th grade advisory, you may send up to 6 students (with hall passes) at a time to the library computer labs to vote during advisory time on the voting days.  Keep in mind that everyone will not need to vote on the first day (they have till the 15th, so spread them out over the voting days to keep congestion down in the library labs).  
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