Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Friday Hoover friends and friends everywhere! It has been a great week at HHS topped off by technology tours from our Central Office staff and members of our school board. I think they were impressed by the use of technology in our building to enhance learning and transform our teaching strategies! Great job HHS Bucs! This week we will once again feature some of the outstanding teachers at HHS with our Fun Fact Friday! Enjoy!

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#ALedchat topic for Monday night: Learning First, Tools Second: Examining learning in a tech driven world.

Original Post from the iPad of Jeff Johnson....

These are the 14 girls I teach ACCESS Physics to in Marion, Alabama. They have been working with substandard equipment all year. They were getting behind so I felt a responsibility to them to go have a work day with them. When I arrived I discovered that the computers they had to work with were very substandard, did not have the appropriate software on them and many would not even load the software. This was so unfair to these intelligent young women. We worked from 9 AM to 1:30 PM that day to get caught up. They were so intent on getting caught up they would  not take a break.

They really left a mark on me. I was really down driving back to Birmingham, AL. The next day I spoke with a wonderful woman from my church about the Marion girls, and as it turns out, she owns a computer recycling business. She is donating newly refurbished computers with all of the necessary software to these girls. Also, a Samford professor who also attends my church, is sending his tech people to Marion once or twice a year to make sure the computers are serviced and updated. YAAAAA for our side!

And Now...

Hello my friends. Here is a picture of my morning at Francis Marion High School. Elise Warren (from Technical Knockout) and I delivering the much much needed technology to the students at Francis Marion High School. The Technology teacher was out of town, but we did a conference call with her to let her know we had delivered the computers. She was hysterical and these kids were SO excited to get this technology. This was definitely a top 5 day in my insignificant little life. All of these kids are seniors. I am so proud for them. I will see you tomorrow at HHS. It was a very emotional day,but in a good way. 


From the iPad of Judy Kehr...

When you get to this site, click on the About > Info for 1st Timers link.  It looks like a great activity for those of you who are using blogging in your classes.  A new challenge is just starting this month!

The Student Blogging Challenge runs twice yearly.  A new Challenge starts March and September, each year.  It is made up of a series of 10 weekly tasks all designed to improve blogging and commenting skills while connecting students with a global audience.  The Challenge is open to both class blogs and to individual student bloggers from all over the world and of all ages – blogs don’t need to be hosted by Edublogs to participate!*  Participants can complete as many of the tasks as they like and in any order.

Judy Kehr
IT Academy and Business Instructor
Hoover High School

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