Thursday, March 14, 2013

From the iPad of Janet Ort...

Team Cahaba & Advanced Env students will be headed to the Antarctic while participating in an in school field trip 5th period on Thursday.  Please allow them to attend this event.  We have set up this distance learning opportunity through Dr. James McClintock UAB marine ecologist and author of Lost Antarctic.  The students will be discussing scientific data about ocean acidification, sea level rise, impacts on biodiversity, ocean warming, as evidenced by 20 years of UAB data. They will also have an opportunity to look at what it takes to be a field scientist and survive in extreme conditions.  If there are any students you think would benefit from this experience, or if you are interested (!), let me know.  We will be in my room E161.

Janet L. Ort,  MPA, MEd, NBCT
Hoover High School
AP/IB Environmental Sciences, Environmental Science, Enviromental Research
Environmental Competitions Sponsor
NOAA Climate Stewards Program Participant  2012-Present

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