Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Daily I am reminded of why I am an educator. Some days more than others and some days are more motivating than others, but the best days are when students make unsolicited positive comments about projects or initiatives that you are involved in. This happens almost daily with the Engaged Learning Initiative at Hoover High School.  During the month of March, our Fun Fact Friday will highlight students and how they are using technology to enhance their learning and it has been awesome to hear their stories. We cannot wait to share those Friday.

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From the iPad of Marie Parker...

Technology/IPad Reflection
      Now that I have observed my small number of 11th and 12th graders functioning with their IPads, I am not nearly as apprehensive about leaving my comfort zone and entering the electronic teaching world with my 10th graders next year.  Teaching with technology will become just as individualized for  teachers at HHS, as it has proven to be in the past, just with a different set of tools.   I can almost 
chuckle about the major technological advances as I think back to my first year of  teaching at W. A. Berry High School with green chalk boards, chalk holders and overhead projectors, just to name a few dinosaurs of the past.  Wow ! We have come a long way from those days. 
     Recently, four of the chemistry teachers including myself along with Mrs. Aust, Mrs. Kelley and Mr. Walding,  joined forces with two teachers from Vestavia High.  This meeting brought much more to light than anticipated. So much learning and sharing took place.   The Vestavia ladies showed us that it is possible  to project student IPad work without the use of the adapters we were given this year.  
Anytime one less step is deleted in making the technology useful, the more willing teachers will be to want to learn how to work with the technology. 
      Also, it will be very important for teachers to take small steps in using and individualizing the technology  for their classrooms.  Patience is a MUST!  We need to be patient with one another, whether we are teachers, students or administrators.  Hoover's motto in the past has been "Learning for Life".  That is just what we are doing at HHS, especially in the CHEMISTRY world.  
Marie S. Parker
Chemistry Teacher
Hoover High School

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