Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Peer PD Day at HHS

Tweets from Around HHS:

From the iPad of Keith Fulmer...

In working through the moodle posts tonight I saw this app today.  (Show me) It is free and is just like educreations but show me has an easier erase feature.  You might want try it out.
I know a few people like explain everything better than either but it is about 5 dollars so it should do something more. 

Check out the Chemistry Teachers!!
HHS Chemistry teachers present at the iSTEM Conference

From the iPad of Isabeth Gannon...

My students are completing an assignment that in days gone by required a “poster boardish” visual component.  Several of them took the lead and are using apps to create their visuals and do “voice overs” for the oral presentation part.  Their technologically-challenged teacher has been not much help, yet the students  are producing incredible products!  Collaboration is happening; they are finding the right quotes to include; and they are doing appropriate analysis.  I am convinced that if I had given this as a “pencil and paper” assignment, the results would not have been as good.  Stay tuned; the first group presents tomorrow.

Isabeth Gannon

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