Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In case you missed the #ALedchat on Monday night, I wanted to share some of our discussion. We had many educators from around Hoover and the US discussing the importance of making student work public. The discussion ranged from why this is or is not important to us thinking of ways in which we could make changes in our schools or classrooms which would make more student work public and in turn make it more meaningful for not only the student, but also for the audience. After reading the following Tweet, I decided that I would set a new goal for myself to share more student work on the blog.

When I received this email today- I had to share. So my new goal will be to help students reach a wider audience and share more student work here on the blog.

From the iPad of Kim Hummel

My 10th & 11th grade students had to make a music video of the blood flow through the heart by changing the words of a popular song (using their iPads, of course).  Here of some links to some of them. 

 Kim Hummel

Kim Hummel MSN, RN
Health Science Academy Teacher
Hoover High School

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