Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! Today is a fun day at Hoover High School. I wanted to share how crafty and tech savvy Mrs. Hogan is. She gave out Valentines to the administrative team which contained a QR code for us to scan and get a sweet valentines message. QR codes are great! Several of our teachers make them for their Edmodo page or for the web site that they will be using during class.

We also had a great lunch "Tech Chat" with some amazing tech coaches, technicians, and Hoover City School's CTO today. This meeting allowed Mrs. Hogan and I to hear about the vision of the technology department for the Engaged Learning Initiative, to hear what is going on in the middle and elementary Schools, to learn what are some possibilities for technology PD in the future, and time to collaborate about our passion of using technology to enhance learning. Thanks to Jeff Richardson, Jason England, and Brian Phillips for taking time out of your busy day to chat tech with us! I would also like to thank our outstanding tech coach and technician Keith Fulmer and Jonathan Sanlin. These guys work so hard and are the backbone of the success of this initiative. Their willingness to keep us rolling and progressing with a smile on their face is amazing! We are excited about the everyone's continued desire to collaborate and grow the initiative with all of these guys!

From the iPad of Isabeth Gannon...

My students are completing an assignment that in days gone by required a “poster boardish” visual component.  Several of them took the lead and are using apps to create their visuals and do “voice overs” for the oral presentation part.  Their technologically-challenged teacher has been not much help, yet the students  are producing incredible products!  Collaboration is happening; they are finding the right quotes to include; and they are doing appropriate analysis.  I am convinced that if I had given this as a “pencil and paper” assignment, the results would not have been as good.  Stay tuned; the first group presents tomorrow.

Isabeth Gannon
English 11/ Reading Intervention
Hoover High School
1000 Buccaneer Drive
Hoover, AL 35244

From the iPad of Beth Nowell

Today I gave my Language class conversation heart candy as a warm-up activity. We went around the room and each student took a piece of candy out of the box and read it to the class. Since they are ESL students, there were a quite a few expressions on the candy that they didn’t understand. One Hispanic student pronounced XOXO as if he were reading the word in Spanish, and it was so cute. He had no clue what it means, and when I explained that it means kisses and hugs, it was priceless.  I also had fun explaining “so fine,” “be true,” “soul mate” and “crazy for you.”   If I could only engage them like this every day!

Guess I’ll sign out keeping it in the Valentine’s Day spirit with a couple more messages from class today.

“No way”…..would I want to leave HHS.

“You rock!” (Thanks for being such great administrators.)

Thanks for letting me share my excitement! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Beth   xoxo ;)

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