Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Thursday from Washington DC!!

Jennifer Hogan and I are attending NASSP 2013 in Washington DC and it has already been great. Today is about sharing and collaboration as we attend school showcases. These types of sessions are where Mr. Hulin first saw Westlake present. I started my day hearing from William E. Hay High School from Alberta, Canada anf how they are working to remove barriers for transformational change. This school has some awesome educators working to make a inference in their students lives. I have also heard about how Beverly High School is making efforts to personalize the high school experience in innovative ways. This school is utilizing student voice in some pretty cool ways. I cannot wait to write more about what I am learning! I have to say that this conference also validates the awesomeness of Hoover High School. Not only do we already have many go the programs and ideas being shared in place, I would say we are further along with their implementation and even their success levels. HHS is truly an awesome place!

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