Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Friday! The Engaged Learning Initiative has provided us with many opportunities to integrate tech into our lives at HHS,but there are some times that there is just "No App for That". I had one of those moments this week. AND by the way- I really need to remember that there is always a camera somewhere around :) Hope you enjoy the Fun Fact Friday:

Excited to be given the opportunity to represent the faculty and staff at HHS at ISTE '13. It will be an honor to share all of the awesome things that are going on in the classrooms of Hoover High!

It is always exciting to learn from our former students! Mahogani Smith is taking a special education class at Mississippi State. She called her mom very excited yesterday about an app that a parent of an autistic child shared with her to assist his nonverbal child in communicating. Her mom shared it with us.

It is called “My Talk Tools” and is an app for IPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad app.

I have shared this with Ms. Vann and Ms. Hollis at HHS. They are always looking for new ideas and ways to enhance the learning in their classes. Thanks Smith family!

From the iPad of Mr. Don Hulin...

Helpful links to flipped classrooms and a flipped high school.

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