Monday, February 11, 2013

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I found this article and wanted to share. Hope it is beneficial!

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On the #Aledchat Monday night we chatted about “What is the difference between Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants?”  Read/Watch these to discover the difference.  .  .

Digital Native - Ethiopian kids hack OLPCs in 5 months with zero instruction-

Which one are you?????

After meeting with representatives from BBVA Compass Bank, Randy Nunn sent me the following link. We love collaborating with the community!

During our Tweet Chat Room we had many teachers expressing how hard it was for them to fit what they wanted to say into a Tweet. Although most feel that they do not want to get into a lot of abbreviations and twitter slang, there are time when they simply cannot fit it all in without some abbreviations. Here are some common abbreviations that I have seen on Twitter:

B4- Before
b/c, bc- Because
BTW- By the way
EM or EML- Email
Fab- Fabulous
FB- Facebook
FF- Follow Friday- allows you to encourage others to follow
F2F- Face to face
FYI- For your information
Gr8- Great
G2G- Got to go
HT- hat tip
HTH- Happy to help
IC- I see
IDC- I don't care
IDK- I don't know
IM- Instant Message
JK- Just kidding
L8- Late
LMK- Let me know
LOL- Laugh out loud
MT- Modified Tweet
NSFW- Not safe for work
OH- Overheard
OMG- Oh my goodness
OMW- On my way
ORLY- Oh Really?
ROFL- Rolling on the floor laughing
RT- Retweet
SMH- Shaking my head
THX- Thanks
TMI- Too much information
Trend- popular tweet
TTYL- Talk to you later
TTYS- Talk to you soon
TY- Thank you
YT- Youtube
SYS- See you soon
TYT- Take your time
KMP- Keep me posted
KYP- Keep you posted
CYL- Call you later
YVW- You're very welcome

Example: Hogan- TY (Thank you)  Sutherland- YVW (Your very welcome)

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