Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February is Digital Learning Month and today is Digital Learning Day. We are doing so much with technology at HHS that it seems that everyday is Digital Learning Day. Donna Fuller, Public Information Specialists for the Alabama Department of Education wrote, "The campaign is a movement that will help provide a quality of education for EVERY child. Change is up to YOU; please help build this wave for innovation, personalized learning, and great teaching by participating in the Digital Learning Day campaign effort". At HHS, we believe that our teachers are living this challenge on a daily basis.

We kicked  off this morning with a Flipped Classroom "coffee chat". We had a great discussion about how many teachers are "flipping" naturally and discussing content in the classroom. Many felt that although teaching is more than sharing or dispensing content, the true relationships and quality of instruction come from discussion and collaboration with students. Caitlin Tucker's blog post "Flipped Classroom: Beyond the Videos she writes about how classrooms need to change from places where students consume knowledge to places where produce knowledge.

Tomorrow morning at 7:45am, we will have our postponed “coffee chat” in the Community Room about FLIPPED CLASSROOMS, based on the blog post, "Flipped Classroom: Beyond the Videos." Bring your coffee, opinions, and an open mind. J

Here are photos of the Flipped session:

#DLD 2013 Tweets from around HHS:


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