Tuesday, February 19, 2013

BBVA Bank visits HHS

We often can think that we are alone in the implementation of new technology and often do not think that businesses around the world are experiencing the same struggles that we are. Last week employees of BBVA Compass Bank visited HHS to see how we were using technology to disseminate information, to promote classes, and to complete tasks and assignments. This was a very informative visit and our discussion led to us understanding more about each other. It was interesting that this corporation feels some of the same frustrations that we once felt when dealing with Internet restrictions. Members of their training and development department spoke of the struggles to produce videos and other visual presentations due to You Tube being blocked in their buildings. They also spoke of the struggles to use Social Media productively due to the network blocking these sites. We were where this group was last year. We had to work within some boundaries that we had no control over. BUT we found ways to be productive and make things happen with technology even with those boundaries and that is what is happening at BBVA as well. They are looking for new ways to train employees efficiently and effectively and ways to transmit information seamlessly- sound familiar teachers and administrators? I think this visit reminded me that many schools and businesses share in the challenges to implement technology and we can in fact learn from one another. Thanks to Melanie Maddox, Randy Nunn, Walt Till, and Betsy McCormick for coming to HHS and sharing with us. We love to learn from and with you!

Good Job HHS! Wanted to share this email from ASFA:

Good morning—

Thanks to both of you for hosting our ASFA group at Hoover High School last week.  I learned so much more than you know.  Just being on campus flooded me with ideas.  We may have been there to focus on one initiative, but there were so many other things that made a lasting impression on our group.

I don’t know which way our school will go at this point, but your experience, insights and wisdom (you know, all the mistakes you can call your own?) have already influenced our thinking profoundly.  For certain, our journey is more likely to be evolution than revolution. 

Thanks again for being so willing and available to share so enthusiastically.  I look forward to meeting you both again soon.

Brad Hill

D. Bradford Hill, NBCT
Director, Curriculum & Instruction
Alabama School of Fine Arts
1800 Reverend Abraham Woods Jr. Boulevard
Birmingham, AL 35203
T: 205.252.9241
F: 205.458.0342

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