Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Thursday from Washington DC!!

Jennifer Hogan and I are attending NASSP 2013 in Washington DC and it has already been great. Today is about sharing and collaboration as we attend school showcases. These types of sessions are where Mr. Hulin first saw Westlake present. I started my day hearing from William E. Hay High School from Alberta, Canada anf how they are working to remove barriers for transformational change. This school has some awesome educators working to make a inference in their students lives. I have also heard about how Beverly High School is making efforts to personalize the high school experience in innovative ways. This school is utilizing student voice in some pretty cool ways. I cannot wait to write more about what I am learning! I have to say that this conference also validates the awesomeness of Hoover High School. Not only do we already have many go the programs and ideas being shared in place, I would say we are further along with their implementation and even their success levels. HHS is truly an awesome place!

Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Monday and that means that #ALedchat is tonight! Join us as we discuss Providing meaningful feedback. (Is it more than just a number?). Hope you can join us at 9 CST!

From the iPad of Judy Kehr...

I am curious as to how Instagram can be used as a teaching tool to engage students.  Are you?  We can find out by viewing this webinar tomorrow at 4 p.m.

Join us for the next TechTools for the Classroom webinar!
What is Instagram & How Can I Use it For Instruction?
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - 5PM Eastern Time

In This Session
Instagram is HUGE!  This mobile social networking site is so huge that it is being called "The New Facebook” by technology insiders.  In fact, many students are leaving Facebook for Instagram because they consider Facebook a site for “Old People”.  Mark Zuckerberg saw the power of Instagram, and bought it for roughly $1 Billion in the Spring of 2012.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could use Instagram for educational purposes?  Join Shannon Holden as we explore ways to use Instagram to engage students.
To Participate in the Live Session
- Login at at the scheduled time.
- There is no pre-registration for this event.
- This webinar will be recorded and archived in this community for viewing at anytime.
Here are some helpful tips for the best webinar experience
- Being hardwired is best, not wireless
- Test your system for best quality:
- Close Skype and any other applications that use internet bandwidth
- Close any unnecessary applications
Presented by Shannon J. Holden
Shannon Holden is a high school and middle school teacher and administrator who loves technology and helping teachers learn easy ways to use free tools in the classroom.
This program is sponsored by Pearson Teachability and the USC Rossier School of Education.
Follow us on Twitter @edWebnet to learn about upcoming webinars and special events!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Friday Hoover High and friends! This week has been extremely busy! The week started with Peer PD which was awesome and we appreciate all of our teachers who participated. We also had a great #ALedchat on the topic of expectations for learning. This group of educators is growing weekly and so is our ability to collaborate with educators around the state. Not only are we having weekly visits from other schools, I am collaborating with other educators around the state on topics such as salary schedules, ELearning Days, and much more. These doors have been opened through collaboration!

This month our Fun Fact Friday will focus on teachers and how they are using Technology in their classrooms. We started of our March Teacher Feature with Mrs. Jennifer Van from our B119 class at Hoover High. This is an outstanding group of students who are near and dear to the hearts of the faculty, staff, and student body at HHS.

I had to share this from Mr. Turner. The subject line from his email is "For Math Teachers, Old Habits Die Hard"

Tweets from around HHS:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

BBVA Bank visits HHS

We often can think that we are alone in the implementation of new technology and often do not think that businesses around the world are experiencing the same struggles that we are. Last week employees of BBVA Compass Bank visited HHS to see how we were using technology to disseminate information, to promote classes, and to complete tasks and assignments. This was a very informative visit and our discussion led to us understanding more about each other. It was interesting that this corporation feels some of the same frustrations that we once felt when dealing with Internet restrictions. Members of their training and development department spoke of the struggles to produce videos and other visual presentations due to You Tube being blocked in their buildings. They also spoke of the struggles to use Social Media productively due to the network blocking these sites. We were where this group was last year. We had to work within some boundaries that we had no control over. BUT we found ways to be productive and make things happen with technology even with those boundaries and that is what is happening at BBVA as well. They are looking for new ways to train employees efficiently and effectively and ways to transmit information seamlessly- sound familiar teachers and administrators? I think this visit reminded me that many schools and businesses share in the challenges to implement technology and we can in fact learn from one another. Thanks to Melanie Maddox, Randy Nunn, Walt Till, and Betsy McCormick for coming to HHS and sharing with us. We love to learn from and with you!

Good Job HHS! Wanted to share this email from ASFA:

Good morning—

Thanks to both of you for hosting our ASFA group at Hoover High School last week.  I learned so much more than you know.  Just being on campus flooded me with ideas.  We may have been there to focus on one initiative, but there were so many other things that made a lasting impression on our group.

I don’t know which way our school will go at this point, but your experience, insights and wisdom (you know, all the mistakes you can call your own?) have already influenced our thinking profoundly.  For certain, our journey is more likely to be evolution than revolution. 

Thanks again for being so willing and available to share so enthusiastically.  I look forward to meeting you both again soon.

Brad Hill

D. Bradford Hill, NBCT
Director, Curriculum & Instruction
Alabama School of Fine Arts
1800 Reverend Abraham Woods Jr. Boulevard
Birmingham, AL 35203
T: 205.252.9241
F: 205.458.0342

Peer PD Day at HHS

Tweets from Around HHS:

From the iPad of Keith Fulmer...

In working through the moodle posts tonight I saw this app today.  (Show me) It is free and is just like educreations but show me has an easier erase feature.  You might want try it out.
I know a few people like explain everything better than either but it is about 5 dollars so it should do something more. 

Check out the Chemistry Teachers!!
HHS Chemistry teachers present at the iSTEM Conference

From the iPad of Isabeth Gannon...

My students are completing an assignment that in days gone by required a “poster boardish” visual component.  Several of them took the lead and are using apps to create their visuals and do “voice overs” for the oral presentation part.  Their technologically-challenged teacher has been not much help, yet the students  are producing incredible products!  Collaboration is happening; they are finding the right quotes to include; and they are doing appropriate analysis.  I am convinced that if I had given this as a “pencil and paper” assignment, the results would not have been as good.  Stay tuned; the first group presents tomorrow.

Isabeth Gannon

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Friday! The Engaged Learning Initiative has provided us with many opportunities to integrate tech into our lives at HHS,but there are some times that there is just "No App for That". I had one of those moments this week. AND by the way- I really need to remember that there is always a camera somewhere around :) Hope you enjoy the Fun Fact Friday:

Excited to be given the opportunity to represent the faculty and staff at HHS at ISTE '13. It will be an honor to share all of the awesome things that are going on in the classrooms of Hoover High!

It is always exciting to learn from our former students! Mahogani Smith is taking a special education class at Mississippi State. She called her mom very excited yesterday about an app that a parent of an autistic child shared with her to assist his nonverbal child in communicating. Her mom shared it with us.

It is called “My Talk Tools” and is an app for IPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad app.

I have shared this with Ms. Vann and Ms. Hollis at HHS. They are always looking for new ideas and ways to enhance the learning in their classes. Thanks Smith family!

From the iPad of Mr. Don Hulin...

Helpful links to flipped classrooms and a flipped high school.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! Today is a fun day at Hoover High School. I wanted to share how crafty and tech savvy Mrs. Hogan is. She gave out Valentines to the administrative team which contained a QR code for us to scan and get a sweet valentines message. QR codes are great! Several of our teachers make them for their Edmodo page or for the web site that they will be using during class.

We also had a great lunch "Tech Chat" with some amazing tech coaches, technicians, and Hoover City School's CTO today. This meeting allowed Mrs. Hogan and I to hear about the vision of the technology department for the Engaged Learning Initiative, to hear what is going on in the middle and elementary Schools, to learn what are some possibilities for technology PD in the future, and time to collaborate about our passion of using technology to enhance learning. Thanks to Jeff Richardson, Jason England, and Brian Phillips for taking time out of your busy day to chat tech with us! I would also like to thank our outstanding tech coach and technician Keith Fulmer and Jonathan Sanlin. These guys work so hard and are the backbone of the success of this initiative. Their willingness to keep us rolling and progressing with a smile on their face is amazing! We are excited about the everyone's continued desire to collaborate and grow the initiative with all of these guys!

From the iPad of Isabeth Gannon...

My students are completing an assignment that in days gone by required a “poster boardish” visual component.  Several of them took the lead and are using apps to create their visuals and do “voice overs” for the oral presentation part.  Their technologically-challenged teacher has been not much help, yet the students  are producing incredible products!  Collaboration is happening; they are finding the right quotes to include; and they are doing appropriate analysis.  I am convinced that if I had given this as a “pencil and paper” assignment, the results would not have been as good.  Stay tuned; the first group presents tomorrow.

Isabeth Gannon
English 11/ Reading Intervention
Hoover High School
1000 Buccaneer Drive
Hoover, AL 35244

From the iPad of Beth Nowell

Today I gave my Language class conversation heart candy as a warm-up activity. We went around the room and each student took a piece of candy out of the box and read it to the class. Since they are ESL students, there were a quite a few expressions on the candy that they didn’t understand. One Hispanic student pronounced XOXO as if he were reading the word in Spanish, and it was so cute. He had no clue what it means, and when I explained that it means kisses and hugs, it was priceless.  I also had fun explaining “so fine,” “be true,” “soul mate” and “crazy for you.”   If I could only engage them like this every day!

Guess I’ll sign out keeping it in the Valentine’s Day spirit with a couple more messages from class today.

“No way”…..would I want to leave HHS.

“You rock!” (Thanks for being such great administrators.)

Thanks for letting me share my excitement! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Beth   xoxo ;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In case you missed the #ALedchat on Monday night, I wanted to share some of our discussion. We had many educators from around Hoover and the US discussing the importance of making student work public. The discussion ranged from why this is or is not important to us thinking of ways in which we could make changes in our schools or classrooms which would make more student work public and in turn make it more meaningful for not only the student, but also for the audience. After reading the following Tweet, I decided that I would set a new goal for myself to share more student work on the blog.

When I received this email today- I had to share. So my new goal will be to help students reach a wider audience and share more student work here on the blog.

From the iPad of Kim Hummel

My 10th & 11th grade students had to make a music video of the blood flow through the heart by changing the words of a popular song (using their iPads, of course).  Here of some links to some of them. 

 Kim Hummel

Kim Hummel MSN, RN
Health Science Academy Teacher
Hoover High School

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On Monday, February 18th we will have a Peer PD Day. This will be a day when HHS teachers are providing PD for us on topics that were requested via the survey completed on Survey Monkey. We have selected the sessions offered based on the frequency of the requests on the survey. We also found that many of you prefer the PD to be offered during the school day or right after school, so we have scheduled sessions to meet your needs. The following sessions will be offered. The periods that they are offered are included as well as the place where the PD will take place and the teacher who will be presenting the PD. I encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity and learn with and from your peers during the school day. If you have further questions about a session, please email or see the presenter for additional information. We look forward to learning with you all on Monday!

Zero Period, 5th  
(Zero- C336, 5th C336 A/B)   
- Are you interested in learning a new way to help your students that are absent?  Does flipping the class sound interesting but scary?  Are you tired of power point and wonder how your students can present information from the iPad? Educreations is tool where teachers can create lessons for students (either as a tutorial or for flippling the class) or where students can create presentations to share with others.  It is easy to use and easy to post on edmodo.

Classroom Management      
4th, 7th, 3:30  (
4th- A308, 7th and 3:30- B313)        
- Observations, tips, and techniques that will keep students on task and undistracted while using an iPad or BYOD.

Flipping the Classroom         3:30   (A208)         Windle
- This session will review the concept of flipping (including ideas for what to do in class) as well as review and demonstrate some basic apps with which to make instructional videos.

Online Grading          
Zero, 6th   
(Room B114)         
- This session will demonstrate the use of Dropbox for submitting and handing back work to students. You will need an annotation app that is linked to Dropbox, such as GoodReader, Notability, iAnnotate, etc.

1st, 3:30    
- Annotate, Organize, Create. Introduction to functions in Notability.

Flipping the Classroom       
3rd,  7th
(3rd- 2nd floor workroom, 7th-  A202)      
- Ideas and tricks for flipping the classroom.

- Using TweetChat in the classroom.

Monday, February 11, 2013

From the iPad of Coach Myra Miles:

I found this article and wanted to share. Hope it is beneficial!

From the iPad of Dana Depew...

On the #Aledchat Monday night we chatted about “What is the difference between Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants?”  Read/Watch these to discover the difference.  .  .

Digital Native - Ethiopian kids hack OLPCs in 5 months with zero instruction-

Which one are you?????

After meeting with representatives from BBVA Compass Bank, Randy Nunn sent me the following link. We love collaborating with the community!

During our Tweet Chat Room we had many teachers expressing how hard it was for them to fit what they wanted to say into a Tweet. Although most feel that they do not want to get into a lot of abbreviations and twitter slang, there are time when they simply cannot fit it all in without some abbreviations. Here are some common abbreviations that I have seen on Twitter:

B4- Before
b/c, bc- Because
BTW- By the way
EM or EML- Email
Fab- Fabulous
FB- Facebook
FF- Follow Friday- allows you to encourage others to follow
F2F- Face to face
FYI- For your information
Gr8- Great
G2G- Got to go
HT- hat tip
HTH- Happy to help
IC- I see
IDC- I don't care
IDK- I don't know
IM- Instant Message
JK- Just kidding
L8- Late
LMK- Let me know
LOL- Laugh out loud
MT- Modified Tweet
NSFW- Not safe for work
OH- Overheard
OMG- Oh my goodness
OMW- On my way
ORLY- Oh Really?
ROFL- Rolling on the floor laughing
RT- Retweet
SMH- Shaking my head
THX- Thanks
TMI- Too much information
Trend- popular tweet
TTYL- Talk to you later
TTYS- Talk to you soon
TY- Thank you
YT- Youtube
SYS- See you soon
TYT- Take your time
KMP- Keep me posted
KYP- Keep you posted
CYL- Call you later
YVW- You're very welcome

Example: Hogan- TY (Thank you)  Sutherland- YVW (Your very welcome)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Friday HHS! This week’s FFF is on HootSuite. During our sessions in the Chat Room on Digital Learning Day we realized that many of you had not used this type of app before and could not resist doing this after the amazing “Toot Sweet” sing-a-long that broke out in the media center after a long day of Tweeting. Thanks to Mrs. Clark and Ms. Rohwedder for their guest appearances and to Mr. Fulmer for his commentary! This is a FFF not to miss! Apparently the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is one that I need to see.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February is Digital Learning Month and today is Digital Learning Day. We are doing so much with technology at HHS that it seems that everyday is Digital Learning Day. Donna Fuller, Public Information Specialists for the Alabama Department of Education wrote, "The campaign is a movement that will help provide a quality of education for EVERY child. Change is up to YOU; please help build this wave for innovation, personalized learning, and great teaching by participating in the Digital Learning Day campaign effort". At HHS, we believe that our teachers are living this challenge on a daily basis.

We kicked  off this morning with a Flipped Classroom "coffee chat". We had a great discussion about how many teachers are "flipping" naturally and discussing content in the classroom. Many felt that although teaching is more than sharing or dispensing content, the true relationships and quality of instruction come from discussion and collaboration with students. Caitlin Tucker's blog post "Flipped Classroom: Beyond the Videos she writes about how classrooms need to change from places where students consume knowledge to places where produce knowledge.

Tomorrow morning at 7:45am, we will have our postponed “coffee chat” in the Community Room about FLIPPED CLASSROOMS, based on the blog post, "Flipped Classroom: Beyond the Videos." Bring your coffee, opinions, and an open mind. J

Here are photos of the Flipped session:

#DLD 2013 Tweets from around HHS:


Monday, February 4, 2013

Want to get involved in the Edcamp movement in Hoover? Check out Edcamp Birmingham 2013! Great way to learn more about tech from others who are passionate about using tech in the classroom effectively and also share what you are doing in your classroom. 

I wanted to share some additional photos from the Technology Tailgate. I failed to mention that the library staff was also at the tailgate explaining the library apps and online books that the students are using. The Technology Tailgate will also be set up tomorrow night at Curriculum Night and the SGA and SCO students will be demonstrating how they use technology to enhance their learning at HHS!

Tweets from around HHS:

Friday, February 1, 2013

It's Friday! That makes many of you Happy, Happy, Happy! Great things are happening at HHS. Last night we had our first Technology Tailgate at the Hoover Bucs Basketball game. Although we had several parents and students stop by the tent and ask tech questions to the Hoover Ambassadors. Thanks for their willingness to share with their peers and the community! This week's Fun Fact Friday is using Dragon Dictation with your students. Enjoy!

Tweets from Around HHS:

So proud of Ms. Cambria! She is rocking Twitter as she co-teaches in math. Great job Ms. Cambria.