Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Friday! The first Friday of the new semester and already so much has happened this week at HHS. Our Juniors received their iPads on Monday and have been busy getting oriented to their devices. We are already busy getting ready for the new year by producing short videos that will be posted in our Interactive Course Selection Guide to help students and parents make more informed decisions about their courses for the 2013-2014 school year. The collaboration to complete the videos and the collaboration between our teachers on uses of iPads in the classroom has been awesome! The focus for the Fun Fact Friday for this month will be iPad tips and tricks. There are so many things that we learn daily and want to share in order to make our teachers lives easier and help them to be more efficient. Hope you enjoy our FFF.


Alabama EdChat will resume January 14th at 9:00 CST. The topic of this week's #ALedchat will be developing a goal or resolution to improve one aspect of your teaching or administrative day through the use of technology. We are not really talking about just adding a new app, but really making a change that will allow you to grow professionally. Often these type of goals/resolutions have obstacles that you will have to plan for or work out or around. We want to share those and start helping each other make a plan for success. We will revisit the goals in March and again in May. It is our goal to grow the #ALedchat and increase the collaboration between all of the wonderful educators in our state and beyond. We hope you will join us!

From the iPad of Debbie Henley...

Using Angry Birds is a great way to introduce and reinforce the concept of Projectile Motion. Students began by downloading the free game and then playing for a few minutes. We then had a discussion on Projectile Motion. Most are not familiar enough with subscripts, etc... on note taking apps yet to take all their notes on their iPads, but we are learning. They all used the iPad for calculations. Below are some photos from the lesson:

From the iPad of Judy Kehr....

Through one of the forums to which I subscribe, I just read about Flubaroo, a free testing/grading program that works with Google Docs and objective-type tests.  If you create quizzes/tests in Google Docs (forms/spreadsheet app), this is a simple add-in that will grade the test for you AND provide an analysis of the test grades.  Additionally, with a few clicks, you can send students their results.  Go to the site from the link below and view the video.

From the iPad of Jennifer Hogan...

This is just a fun email about how you can create a monogrammed background for your iPhone or iPad. 

On my personal blog, I posted today about how to create something like this for your iPhone or iPad. (There are all kinds of backgrounds you can download in all colors.) You’ll see the one I created for Holly in the Friday Fun Fact video today. Here’s the link to my blog if you would like to create something like this for your device:

Happy Friday!!!

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