Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hoover High School congratulates our teachers for being selected as the Hoover City Schools Teachers of the Year and Jacksonville State Teacher Hall of Fame Representative from HCS!

Jeff Johnson is the Hoover City Schools Teacher of the Year

Chad Cooley is the Hoover City Schools Jacksonville
State Hall of Fame Representative

The ELI has encouraged more collaboration than any other initiative we have had at HHS. Here is an example of teachers providing PD to other teachers.

From the iPad of Kellye Self...

For any of you using Moodle or considering it, I have created an “orientation module” for students to go through when they first encounter Moodle.  If you are interested in it, I will be happy to figure out how to do a backup and send it to you.  It includes links to several short videos on YouTube that show students the different types of assignments and explain navigation, along with little assignments that have the students practice each of those skills.  There is a short quiz at the end of the module for them to demonstrate that they understand how it works, along with a survey.

Also, for those who haven’t been in lately, as an FYI, they updated us to the next version (2.3) over the break.  It works just a little differently….nothing you can’t figure out easily if you are already accustomed to it.


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