Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Friday! This week has been busy as usual at HHS. We are continuing to integrate technology into our classrooms and to also look ahead and starting planning for next year and our full implementation of the 1:1 initiative. We we progress, there are also times to stop and reflect. Some issues that we are working through are students with no or limited internet access at home, students in the lower grades who do not have smart devices to use in class, and how to handle having only 1 or 2 students in a class without the iPad. We are also starting to plan advisory activities for next year that will be available to students through Edmodo. Students will have a separate advisory section that will include school info, dress code, calendars and schedules, and will have 2-3 weekly activities. Our focus for many of these activities will be Digital Citizenship. 

It is also time for another Fun Fact Friday. This month we are focusing on iPad Tips and Tricks. Hope you enjoy!

Helium Voice Video Lite

HHS collaborates with Bumpus Middle School to help teachers understand the HS registration process and shares how to help students make the right course selections.

From the iPad of Cathy Shelton....

We are thrilled to have the large TV, and to be able to show students how to work through Moodle Choir Theory lessons with it.  Using Moodle is brand new for the choral program, and it has been a challenge to get all of our students on board, but we feel that it is going to pay off.  Through Moodle students are able to use an online music notation program to compose music (Noteflight Classroom) and also practice their music, as well as view and learn from countless youtube videos, etc., etc., in addition to the more standard text and graphics lesson with matching and multiple choice questions that was in the lesson today.  We have given all of the choir students 15 lessons on Moodle during the first semester, and have maintained a policy of allowing them to improve their grade on any lesson at any point.  Choir Theory is 20% of their total choir grade.  This is a great way to keep track of individual student progress in a large performance class without taking too much class time. 

From the iPad of Brad Coltrane...

One of the items on the list regarded getting additional information about Common Core. Who has time to go out and research this issue when there is so much information (and mis-information) out there?  Well, if you are on Twitter, it is REALLY easy.  I follow Mel Riddile (@PrincipalDiff) and he is “Scooping” articles on CC daily.  When you follow the link in his Tweets, you will see a catalog of CC-related resources (lots for both math and English).  If you follow him, you will have access to a wealth of CC information through Twitter.  I am kind of doing a CCSS lite, and you are welcome to follow me (@bradcoltrane) for the “Cliffs Notes” version of articles I’m finding useful. 

Caution: Old dog learning new tricks.

Brad Coltrane
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Hoover High School

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